Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and the month is slipping by quickly.  I finished reviewing all the edits on my memoir.  The publisher had some excellent comments and I finally pushed the button and sent off the final, final copy.  Now we move on to the fun stage of design and lay-out.  My photos are selected and I have three cover options.  I thought I would be at this stage months ago.

Sunday is Father’s Day.  The significance is never lost on me.  My dad is many years gone now, but I still feel a sense of loss when there is no one to honor in person.  It is also my 58th birthday.  I am amazed when I think of this.  I never had a picture in my mind of what life would look like as I approach the end of my 50’s.

I am blessed to have my daughter, Hanni, here to help me celebrate.  Lex will be with us in spirit and will no doubt check in from her home in New Orleans.  The weather is supposed to sunny and my plan is to pack a picnic and head out with the kayaks for a lazy day on a pond somewhere.

My mind is filled so many memories and the joy of so many more in the making.  Happy Father’s Day everyone!  Happy June!  Happy Summer!

5 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. I remember years ago in Arizona when a friend of mine's dad was housesitting for him while he was away. My (now ex-) husband's dad had passed away and my dads (step and biological) were on the other side of the country. We took my friend's dad out and celebrated father's day with him.So maybe you know a dad without kids around and can give him a happy Father's Day? Just a thought.Or just have a very happy birthday with your daughter!

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