8 thoughts on “Equine

  1. I like your photos of the horse. Until very recently, about 1 week ago, we had five horses of our own. Our mate fell ill and didn’t survive. I think it’s his character we miss the most, when he roamed free around our property as all animals should, there wouldn’t be anything left captivated within a cupboard or a tub, our little man would set it free, brushes, curry comb, hoof pick or whatever it may be. My wife misses him the most, when she makes the evening mixes of chaff and nutrients with a little bit of water and there is no head poking over the stable wall, pulling at the tub. They say time will heal, I hope this is true.

    • I’m so glad to hear from you. I’m not sure time heals, but it makes it different, somehow easier to deal with and you only remember the wonderful moments.They are indeed such characters.

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