The Leap of Faith

February 27, 2013 I took the greatest leap of faith in my life.  I signed away a month of living expenses to Archway Publishing (a division of Simon & Schuster) to self-publish my book.

The dilemma I faced was time and money.  I set a goal for myself based on my budget and savings to turn my life around and do what I have always wanted to do.  I have been working off and on for over two years on the manuscript.  It’s a narrative memoir, based on my letters and journal entries from 30 years ago.  I turned my life upside down during those years, ultimately ended a marriage and started life over.  So here I am doing it again.

I just looked back in my journal from 1982, 31 years ago.  I was living in Jakarta, Indonesia and my life was unraveling.  My marriage of 5 years was in shambles, the business I had started was taking on a life of its own without me and I was terrified of what to do next.  As I read of my fears and anxiety I thought, “You came through that with flying colors, you can do it again.” Life has a way of testing me to what feels like the limit then rewarding me with just what I need to go on.

One month from now, when the credit card bill arrives in my mail box, I hope I am feeling as strong about this as I do now…

Byfield to Bali

 and Beyond

A Narrative Memoir

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