Solitary Pursuits

There is a place where we can all go that allows for the silencing of the noise of ordinary life. A place where we each find a solitary pursuit of a moment; a goal, a dream fulfilled. I love the mornings because I wander and drink in every bit of new color, every drop of dew that heralds a new flower.

Writing is a solitary pursuit. How many times a day, when you are cooking, cleaning, dealing with the minutia,  those around you in all good faith say, “What can I do to help you?” and usually it is something as simple as  “OK thanks, chop this, hold this, move that,” or whatever. Some pursuits, no one can help you with. When I sit down to write, no one else can lend a hand. There is nothing any other being  can possibly add to my experience. It has to be all me.

I drifted on Dublin Lake today. A sail-boarder was teaching himself to read the wind and feel the water. No one could teach him. DSC_7312


Last night, Julia got up at midnight, put on her boots and went down to the barn to ride her horse in the light of the Super Moon. A perfect solitary pursuit, though a partner was necessary.

Small, memories each made of solitary moments.

As I drove back from my kayak trip, I passed a man in a field. He was painting, his easel pointed toward the mountains in a July field of stubble. I turned around, introduced myself and apologized for interrupting his solitude. clumsily, I handed him my card,  and asked if I might photograph him for this post. He introduced himself, David Dodge, and joked, “I might break the camera!” and I shot his view of the mountains. “How long have you been here today?” I asked. “Since Noon, I finished on small work already, this is my second. The light keeps changing.” he replied.

DSC_7315 DSC_7318

“What’s your blog about? he asked, squinting at my business card. “Reinventing oneself.” I replied. “We all should do that on a regular basis.” was his response.

Solitary pursuits. Music, art, or just relaxation we take the time in hope of rejuvenation, seeking the seeming most productive solitary pursuits.

176 thoughts on “Solitary Pursuits

  1. In my experience, reinventing oneself is one of the toughest things to do. And yet, reinvent we must, for only those who change with the times find true happiness. You are absolutely right about the fact that no one can help you write. But I don’t think you really need any help. A very nicely written post. 🙂

    • Thank you. Words of wisdom and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. The two things people fear most – change and death – are the biggest opportunities for growth.

  2. Sometimes reinventing is thrust upon us through life’s disasters….but the joy comes in looking back to see how far we have come in finding the true-me in the gradual shaking of old relationships, habits, and thoughts. My own reinvention resonates with your 50+ journey. My best adventures have all been in my second decade.

  3. Reinventing oneself…is one of the most difficult tasks out there. We need not only courage, but patience and passion. Sometimes we need to be pushed to get out of our routine and look for a better us.

  4. I love the concept that our blogs (or easels!) are options for us a individuals to escape for a minute and talk / depict whatever we feel, with no judgement and use it as a form of therapy. It is truly rewarding. New to blogging but very happy to find this post in my search – my first post was somewhat relative to this idea and again, no one can tell how to do it “right”

  5. I agree, and it definitely helps to have open land (or water) nearby where one can be alone in nature. The peace and quiet helps the Holy Spirit do His work in our souls.

  6. I wish I could go somewhere on my own tl recharge my batteries, as this is the only way. I do love my family, but spending time just with yourself is so important. My other half doesn’t understand this, he thinks I am selfish…

  7. Really Inspiring post. As i feel, everyone needs a break.its really important for us to spend good quality time alone and peaceful.and thank you for sharing with us such a wonderful momen.!!!

  8. Congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”! I, too, love my solitude. At times, infrequent, though they may be, I do crave companionship, in only small increments!! Also, having a deep faith in God Almighty is the joy of my life.

  9. This is very beautiful and very real for me. I love solitary pursuits myself. There’s nothing quite like being alone. Also, thank you for writing about reinventing oneself – it’s a good reminder of something that we do need to do every day, as difficult as it is. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Just what I need at the moment. As we grow up and get busy building a career, enjoying the company of our friends and family, we forget that one person that we should have spent more time with — our own self. Good job Martha! 🙂

  11. Well written and inspiring!

    I am starting out too …but with something specific, how to help more people understand and protect themselves from fire risks.

  12. Thank you for this post. I know exactly what you mean. Having been through numerous solitary pursuits in my life to date I can appreciate the benefit of reinventing yourself. Thanks for writing this up so beautifully. I will keep my eye on your blog.

  13. Reading your article has inspired me and reminded me to take some time for myself and my thoughts more often. To allow myself to drift off and experience new things and new perspectives. Thanks for a refreshing wake up call.

  14. Thank you for this blog post! I will soon be moving into uncharted territory for college and this post was comforting; there is no doubt I will be able to find solitary peace in my new home.

    • Thank you for commenting felixema! I’m happy you found some encouragement in my post. Life is all about doing what you love, College is the perfect place to figure that out. Good luck and keep me posted!

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