Inspiration. It comes from some of the strangest places and experiences when I am only half paying attention. A couple came into the store today. I’m guessing they are 10 years younger than I. The conversation revealed they were visiting the area, hiking and vacationing, having left their kids with relatives. I admired their joy at being somewhere new.

Alice (the third Alice in my life at the moment) and I hit a chord and she revealed that she is a poet and editor. Neither of us was “business polished” today. She  was in hiking clothes and under my ever-present apron, I was in jeans an t-shirt. When I looked at the “professional Alice” on her site, I saw certainly the resemblance but also a different personality. Today, straight, red bangs flopped across a make-upless face that was utterly unguarded.

I read several entries of her blog and dug around on her site. It occurred to me how strange the world is today that you can meet a stranger and instantly find so much out about them. But who am I to question this since my life is an open blog…

My life has changed so dramatically in a year and I often berate myself that the attention I give to my creative side has scaled too far back. The only way to improve at something in life is to continuously practice it. At worst, you will go from mediocre to competent. At best you will please yourself for your efforts. My goal is to be the best bee keeping, oil and vinegar selling, middle-aged, equestrian, mom and blogger ever.

TGIF everyone. Be inspired!


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