We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for outbursts of extreme joy and jubilation. Time stops and starts again right here, the clock is ticking…

I opened an email from Hanni and read her flight itinerary for arrival next Tuesday at roughly 9am. This is my child  I have not seen, face to face, have not touched, hugged/held in almost two years. I don’t know what it is like to have a child in the armed forces, to not see them and know they are always in harm’s way for months. I know I view the world as a war zone when it comes to my children, particularly when they are a continent away.

We talk, there are pictures shared and social media updates. I want to hold her, I want to gaze into her face. In a world of staying in touch, I am always left feeling wanting.

Here’s to joy and being forever a mother!

_DSC0297 _DSC0303 DSC_4377These photos are from June of 2013. New memories (Momeries??) about to be made!!

16 thoughts on “Joy

    • Susanne, my situation is not even close to yours. Thank you to your son for his service and to you for yours. You are in my thoughts. Being a Mother is the most rewarding and heartbreaking position.

  1. How exciting. It’s hard to be separated from your children but we have to let them fly I guess. Although my boys all live nearby, life often means I don’t see the eldest two as much as I’d like. The youngest one, CJ, I see rather more of than is healthy at times. At the weekend they plotted with Commando to surprise me with a birthday meal. It was wonderful to have all my men in one room and spend time with them and the best present I could have ever wanted.

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