We humans live in a constant state of anticipation; the first cup of coffee brewing in the morning, the commute to work, the holidays, the future…

Everything is as done as I can get it. The preparation for a holiday feast began yesterday with cleaning, polishing, and cooking. This morning I finished the last two rooms and laid out my schedule for the food. My kitchen is a challenging environment. I have two functional burners, half a grill top and a small oven. Dishes must be cooked in shifts with an eye toward constantly lowering temperatures and keeping things warm between turns in the oven.

With everything on schedule, I can finally sit and wait for the guests. Alice doesn’t know the four “cousins” are about to burst on the scene. It’s a five dog extravaganza; Gaia, Chuck and Thelma will arrive with Hanni and B. Young Harvey is on his way with Shana and Lex. Jeff is dogless but will no doubt get his canine fix this afternoon. The weather is glorious. I am considering holding the meal out on the back deck with the busy bird feeders and all the glory of nature. While 50 degrees would seem chilly a few months ago, today the doors are flung open and the sun is streaming in.

I anticipate their arrival, I anticipate the joy and laughter. I anticipate the memories we shall create. But who can predict the reality? Five dogs a leaping, six humans eating, and joking and remembering and sharing. The turkey turned out better than just fine. The games before the fireplace raged on, and the feeling of love and belonging was like a cashmere sweater on bare skin.

My anticipation was all for naught this weekend, as life just swirled on by. Let the Christmas Carols begin in earnest!

DSC_1950 DSC_1951 DSC_1958

17 thoughts on “Anticipation”

  1. It looks like you had a wonderful family filled day. Perhaps you have the beginnings of a Thanksgiving carol with the five dogs a leaping, six humans eating (or maybe it would be the middle) Lovely post.

  2. Love it… Everyone looks so happy… We had a full house too, 13 for dinner, all guest rooms full, two additional beds set up in the “man cave” for the week. 3 chefs in residence made for incredible feast, lots of bumping around in the kitchen, which remains like yours, the smallest room in the house… It was marvelous. It will take until Christmas to shed the pounds to get ready for round two!!! Your photos are terrific!

  3. Martha, it’s terrific to hear that you had, what sounds like, the perfect holiday. It always saddens me when I hear or read of someone having a stressful gathering at the holidays. It’s a common occurrence, but it’s the exact opposite of how it should be. I’m glad your Turkey Day was wonderful. ~James

  4. Thanksgiving, Christmas and all the holidays are like larger pebbles in a stream that moves as quickly or slowly as the condition desire. Some days cold and slow others warm and fast, all equally valuable.
    We are blessed to have a lot of pebbles.
    We missed you at the Inn. We are there every Saturday night. Will probably drop in to say hi, stay happy.
    Jim Gann

  5. We had Thanks Giving with our Martha 26 of us in not quite enough space and it was great! Her family had a tradition of butternut squash roast with marshmallows on top as one dish…. an acquired taste, but pumpkin cheesecake was yummy (and a piece taken home was, I am afraid to say, not shared…!)

    1. My grandmother made the marshmallow concoctions back in the ’50s. Never did see the sense to it. Glad you got to spend some time with an American tradition. I wouldn’t have shared either!

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