I am thankful this holiday for:

  • The fresh, young, organic turkey in my refrigerator. I am hopeful I don’t cook the s$(* out of it on the day of thanks.
  • The cabinet full of oils, vinegars and spices that will make this feast my signature culinary gift. Had I not lost my job, taken up beekeeping and found my current path, I would not be so confident to host a “Schaefer Thanksgiving” after the years of Jeff’s amazing meals.
  • The wisdom that has gotten us all, as a family, to this stage of evolution. Adult children make parenting seem quaint and outmoded. Sharing their joys and struggles from new heights is humbling.
  • The time I spend every week just shutting out my world and visiting with the family I found through Hospice volunteering. For the time I sit watching beautiful brown cows and he smiles and say, “Ruminate!” in his gravely accent. For the meals we share, his beautiful wife orchestrating  the rhythm of the farm he loves, keeping it alive around him.
  • Pandora! What an amazing evolution that we have gone from vinyl records to an application that learns what we want to hear and provides an ongoing orchestra of artists?
  • A home to clean, moving chachkies around and remembering where they fit into my life. A garage full of wood to warm my home; the price of which was merely my sweat, sore muscles, and a small amount of blood from sprinters.
  • A ride in the woods. A walk down the road, the love of a dog. Well, I view it as love but she is much more reserved about emotion…


If it takes a holiday to remind me to be thankful, so be it!

I am thankful for a sturdy camera, a patient computer, and the time to see and write it all down. This is all I ever wanted in life, it just took a while to learn to do it.


14 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We are celebrating with an American friend, also called Martha, tomorrow. I have a potato dish to take which may be rather hit and miss after dental treatment…I know I know I must be very thankful for dentists, painkillers and antibiotics.. what are chachkies just out of curiosity?

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