Long live the Queen!

Last night was “operation new bees.” Everything was ready. The bee yard is wired for bears and the hives clean and ready for the new colony.


Alice was the overseer of the preparations. Wilson checked the hive stands.


Jodi kept my package of bees for a week, while they were introduced to their new monarch and started to settle. We arrived with our hive body to receive the five frames of bees and carefully made the transfer into the box. The move went well and soon we were on the road. I worried about anything interrupting our trip home with thousands of irritated insects in the back of my car.


Transferring the frames


All went well and this morning I was up early to load them up with sugar-water and make sure they were comfortable as the sun warmed their entrance.

The queens this year are marked with blue…so pretty and easy to spot!


Queen in the lower right corner


17 thoughts on “Long live the Queen!

  1. “newbees!”Lovely. appropro to absolutely nothing except Alice, my sister gave me lovely card with a picture just like Alice to wish me happy birthday…wonder what she was saying?

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