April Showers bring…

“I need to get into my coat.”

Yes, I thought of that at the beginning of our journey. I had draped it over his shoulders as we worked our way through the kitchen to the sun porch. I raised my hands to assist and he spotted his leather cap and mittens. Instead of letting me help him maneuver the coat over his arms, he set the cap on his head, adjusting it carefully then slid on his mittens.

“You forgot my scarf?!”

“Ah yes I did, and my own coat as well. How about we get you settled and I will go back for those and a cold drink.” The expanse of windows affords a full view of the farmyard. A sweeping landscape of the fields slowing greening, allows him to follow the three sheep and two fat, brown, cows as they graze. I’m quite certain they know when he is there as they tend to move closer to the house and one cow in particular glances up frequently. We also have front row seats for the bird feeders and  the “Waiting Tree.” The avian activity was strong as they filled the bushes, squabbling and dashing from branch to branch. Many came up to the window to sit on the swelling lilac buds. Today  we had a bright flock of Goldfinch and three pair of scarlet Cardinals among the usual raucous Chickadees and the illusive Red-winged Blackbirds.

I returned and settled next to him with crackers and ice water. “A small bite would be good. I like these biscuits.” We munched, deep in thought as the world whirled around before us. As the hours slid by, I could feel his strength waning. We did a pre-meal wash then headed to the dining room. He was tired and dawdling, taking longer than necessary. “I want a nice ripe banana. Could you please find that for me?” There were no bananas and I attempted to distract him with a rundown of the menu awaiting him at the table. “Ah, it will be a disappointment when all I really want is a nice, ripe banana.”

The lunch guest was a renown expert on biodynamic compost farming. He was interesting, solicitous to my friend and very young by comparison. I enjoyed the meal as always, cleared up and was headed out the door. When I leaned down to say good-bye, he gripped my arm. “I want to go with you now to buy bananas.” I smiled, and was relieved to learn our guest had, in his backpack, a lovely ripe banana he would be willing to share.

April showers bring hope; of Spring, of life, of whatever he wants.


6 thoughts on “April Showers bring…

  1. How fortunate the guest had a banana.I know what he means when he said “Ah, it will be a disappointment when all I really want is a nice, ripe banana.” When you have you heart set on one thing, nothing else will really do.

  2. Sometimes only a ripe banana will do. I imagine being close to death would make every little thing important and every little craving something to be satisfied. I’m glad he got his banana.

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