Summer’s Bounty

Basil, tomatoes and cucumbers appear at work first thing in the morning, still wet with dew. Cukes and summer squash are found on the doorstep, left by kindly neighbors who are thankful for my bees’ hard work. Free, homemade lemon pesto basil found its way into my bag at the farm stand. A box by the side of the road offers free organic veggies, not a mile from a farm stand selling expensive organic produce.

I don’t grow a vegetable garden for just this reason; those who do are always over-run with more than they can consume and it finds its way to my kitchen. I love summer in New Hampshire. Folks want to share their bounty and I am a happy recipient.


12 thoughts on “Summer’s Bounty

      • Hello, Martha! Unfortunately, we live in a very impersonal community out here. Perhaps because 80% of the people who live in the city of Dubai are transient expats – there isn’t much of a community spirit. Most people find it strange out here if you knocked at their door just to introduce yourself – let alone come around to give some of your backyard produce. Although there are probably some pockets around the city where people know each other and talk to each other.

        And that’s why I found your post so refreshing. Reminded me of the time when I was growing up in the countryside in the Philippines when neighbors would send each other dishes that they’ve cooked and everybody knew everybody.

      • Having spent a few years as an expat, I know what you are referring to. It is good that you had the experience growing up of people sharing. What an interesting life you have lived!!??

  1. A community effort indeed. How very fortunate you are! I have a beautiful Farmers Market zucchini squash sitting on my counter and I hope to make some yummy zucchini bread this weekend. Love this time of year as we head into fall!

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