Weeds on the path…

It’s cool and rainy, a harbinger of what’s to come. The winds of change are subtly blowing and I see those around me buffeting themselves unconsciously for the assault. We will all see the shift, some will feel it and go with the current, others will fight the pull a while longer and burn their energy until they see the next phase with defeat, through tired eyes.

I don’t know if it is to be attributed to the moon or the time of society or something for which I have no name. Every person I meet, every pair if eyes I look into, reflects back an attitude of facing a challenge and seeing a path.

I went to work early today to try to catch up on organizational, marketing and general cleaning chores. It is quiet in the mornings when the town is waking and slowly going about its business. Tradesmen’s trucks rumble through and the odd shop keeper greets me as I park and walk down the short hill to the store.  An hour before opening a guy hustled in on a mission. Easy to spot, anxiously scanning the extra virgin olive oils with a scrap of paper in one hand. He thought we opened at 9 and had been sent to pick up oil for a recipe that was in progress at home. Time was short and a quick decision was needed. Yet, as we did the customary exchange of money he stopped and looked at me. “This is your store, right?”

“No. After 20-odd years of working in the real world, someone built this sandbox and told me I could play in it and have all the toys I want. I don’t have to pay the bills but I get all the thrills!”

He said bluntly, “I’m still in that other world. Is there life beyond?”

There is struggle, there is worry, there is great joy, but yes, there is life beyond.

Reconstruction continues unabated. Here’s what Day 6 of building a new store looks like:

DSC_7466This was the room on Day 1 long before we broke through the wall into the existing store…

This is what that looks like today with carpet gone, tile laid and walls up and sheet-rocked…


The view from the store into the new space has evolved into one of pleasant anticipation. I am constantly amazed by the regulars who ask to peek in and see how it is going. They enthusiastically encourage our growth.

DSC_7478A week ago above, today below…



Funny, there’s that word again. There is that feeling,  we are all going to be OK as long as we accept the challenge and evolve in a positive way…


I was going to weed the path but then thought, “Why do I think there shouldn’t be weeds on every path, and can’t they be sources of joy?”


11 thoughts on “Weeds on the path…

  1. My best flowers started as weeds, then we let them grow and just cut back now and again, foxgloves, lupins, poppies, dead nettle flowers, violas, even a gorse and tall feathered grasses, just seemed to find their way into the garden and I love it. We found a little bee orchid once. I am a firm believer in bloom where you find yourself. After 17 moves here and abroad I try to use everything in a positive and beneficial light. I feel very lucky…and blessed for the rich tapestry experience. And yes there is so much life after you stop the rat race!!!! Thank you for this blog.

  2. I look forward to the day I can leave the rat race behind. Hopefully it won’t to too far away. The weeds on the path add charm, I’d leave them. Commando, on the other hand, would be down on his knees pulling them up 🙂 Each to their own.

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