Random thoughts in no apparent order…

While researching the “foodie” industry I came to a profound conclusion. I am never making my own pasta and will not be investing in wildly expensive Italian chrome kitchen machinery.

“Alice! Stop making those hideous dog noises while I’m eating!!”

Leo Kottke is the inspiration for my current Pandora track. I don’t pay for Pandora, which means, like a bad date or a demanding relative, you have to pay attention to it every once in a while. I hit the like button a lot. Leo Kottke  lost hearing in his left ear and severe tendonitis deadened his right hand, but his fingers keep up with his mind on a 12-string guitar like nobody else.

Intention unlocks reinvention, Billy McLaughlin. I love Billy’s music. It calms yet engages me. The speed of fingertip control reminds me of trying to keep up with my thoughts on the keyboard as I write. Billy is a brilliant musician who suffered a dreaded disease that took the ability from his fingers to keep up with his mind. He started over with the other hand.

For over a year now I’ve tried to straighten something out with a life insurance company. The policy is 17 years old and has changed names of insurer three times. I guess we didn’t have digital copies of anything back in 1998. It has taken yet another two weeks this year to remind them of what we fixed last year resulting in three separate letters arriving on the same day. Two of the letters only proved that they were more dysfunctional by not correcting the issue but the third was the charm and they got it right. Why are these companies, so full of incompetence and inefficiency, running the world outside my small village? Intention unlocks reinvention…

I think I’ll go back to researching old-fashioned vinegar drinks called Switchels and Shrubs…

“Alice I swear.. When was the last time I sat next to your dinner bowl and groomed my backside!!”


17 thoughts on “Random thoughts in no apparent order…”

  1. Noisy or not she is Magnificent! I will be listening to your musicians… nothing like an man with good hands…! Ha!

  2. I will not ever be making my own pasta either. I do own some wildly expensive chrome kitchen machinery, but it isn’t Italian. I love Pandora, but I get aggravated when it asks “Are you still listening?” Insurance companies – don’t get me started!! Alice is beautiful even when she’s primping.

  3. Alice is a real doll. Hate insurance companies (they seem to design themselves to irritate in hopes you’ll just go away…good music helps you stay sane..not their phone music! Yours. Pandora is cool)
    Lovely wrinkles of thought, that Alice, of course!

  4. Near and dear to me always thinks of a pasta machine..I’m determinedlyputting it off…my absolute favourite is my Kenwood Chef 1970s model bought for me for my 50th birthday. best gift ever (ebay recycling!) So solid and versatile.

  5. Great post! Love this line: …which means, like a bad date or a demanding relative, you have to pay attention to it every once in a while. Perfect – on both counts!

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