Therapeutic Misadventure #657

A weekend off for the first time in ages. What to do with myself for two whole days? Indulge in some therapeutic adventuring, of course!  I started the day with my two best friends. For all her days of running our private Doggie Day Care this week, I promised Alice a romp in the woods. Night hadn’t seen me for more than a quick Hello lately. We set off early. The trails are very dry. Though it seems we had lots of rain in June, July and so far August has been clear. All the usual muddy areas and streams coming off the back of the mountain are dusty. I worried a bit about Alice overexerting herself so it was a quick gallop around the shorter loop.


The afternoon was perfect for a kayak trip. I have thought of acquiring a third boat and wanted to try different options. Laura kindly offered to loan me one of hers and to cart us to a new place to scout. We chose Silver Lake, a 346 acre expanse that borders two towns; Nelson and Harrisville. It offers lots of virgin coastline, a smattering of lovely cottages and four small islands to explore.

Laura’s kayak is bigger and more well outfitted than mine. I loved having the tray-table for a foot rest as I never keep my legs inside the boat.


We toured the shoreline then cut across to one of the islands in search of blueberries. Laura nestled her boat into the coves and ate as many as she collected in a water bottle. So much for making blueberry muffins this time!



On the backside of the island our reward was a shallow inlet. Tucking our crafts in we climbed out to explore. The joke was that if our friend Allen, from had been with us we would have been able to identify the various plants. “Oh look! There’s a Whatever-Allen-would-call-it!!” I took a few shots hoping he will get back to me with a comment on what we saw. The island was pristine, though obviously well used by the tidy trails that crisscrossed it. The only sign of human presence was this rustic Teepee left behind.




On the southeastern shore the land suddenly rose straight up with a hump-backed granite boulder. Once we climbed, the view was spectacular and the gentle slide down to the water looked as if it would provide a perfect spot to sun and swim. Our glacial lakes are strewn with enormous rocks and clear water allows you to see almost to the bottom.




Directly across from the island was a lone cottage tucked into the pines on the shore. When I hit the lottery, this is where you will find me!


Headed back to the boat landing, I couldn’t help but snap a shot of this intrepid sailor out enjoying the day. He smiled when I asked if I might take his picture, looking quite nautical and accomplished in his lovely boat.


Once we loaded the truck, the adventure continued as we took back roads toward home. Mt. Monadnock looms over the region and we found the neighborhood where the wealthy kick back to view the mountain and Dublin Lake in its shadow.



Summer in New Hampshire is full of very Therapeutic Misadventures.




13 thoughts on “Therapeutic Misadventure #657

  1. It was an awesome kayaking day and Silver Lake was the perfect setting. And you are correct, no muffins from this trip, they were just too tasty to save for baking. Glad you enjoyed yourself. I know I did!

  2. That first shot is of trillium fruit, but I’m not sure which trillium. The second is of hobblebush berries (Viburnum lantanoides). I haven’t seen any of them ripe yet, so you found some early ones.
    I can’t think of anything more fun than eating your way through an island’s blueberry bushes in a kayak!

    • We use fly masks in the summer to keep the bugs from biting their ears and sucking the water from the corners of their eyes. It reduces their head shaking thus avoiding getting whacked or them whacking their head on something…sorry, you asked!??

      • No, the horse world is just something I have no knowledge of whatsoever. Horses everywhere are glad I’m sure.

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