The Adventures and Wisdom of Pumpernickel and Croissant


“ Be comfortable in your skin, regardless of what it looks like to others.”
Pumpernickel and Croissant
Croissant (aka Alice ‘n Wonderland aka Allie). 
Not much to tell before arriving here in New Hampshire in 2010.  I was a “brood bitch” at a kennel in Missouri for the first 4 years of my life.  My husband, two daughters and I found ourselves in a large white box truck.  The entire back of the truck was stacked floor to ceiling with dog crates.  The crates were full of scared, miserable dogs of every color, size, age and breed.  We finally stopped and the back of the truck opened to a frigid, frozen parking lot in New Hampshire.  Each crate was opened and as we were led out a sea of human faces greeted us.  I walked down the ramp, stiff and sore from bouncing along all those miles in a hard plastic crate. 
Amid the “Ohs and Ahhs” from the human crowd came a soft voice as a lady took my leash and led me gently to the side.   I looked up at her face and saw kind brown eyes and a smile.
After a brief walk around the parking lot, the lady put me in a pick-up truck and stood outside filling out paperwork.  The truck was warm and smelled like other animals.  Soon she hopped in and we drove away.  My stomach was so upset from nerves and the ride but I tried to maintain a happy outlook.  She talked softly to me as we drove along.  Suddenly, I couldn’t hold back.  My guts exploded and I pooped all over the floor in the back seat of the truck.  I was horrified!  The lady didn’t get mad, she just cooed softly to me, pulled over and attempted to clean up my mess.
When the truck stopped and I hopped out my feet felt frozen.  There was white, cold, slippery stuff all over the ground.  I had not seen much of the outdoors during my life as a kennel dog.  What I had seen was green and soft or black and hard.  This was so strange.   The lady led me to a spot under a wonderful smelling pine tree where the snow had drifted clear and the ground was hard but not so cold.  I relieved myself once more, gave my red coat a hearty shake and began life anew.
Pumpernickel (aka Dallas, aka Dahlia, aka Dallie) 
I’m an old lady.  My bones creak and my right elbow is stiff and swollen.  I was a good mom to many pups through the years.  When my kennel closed I went to live with a woman with several other Peis.  The other dogs were younger and bossy but I was just pleased to be out of a cage and allowed to rest.  One evening the lady took me outside and there was a little red Pei and her lady.  We sniffed and said “Hello”.  My blanket and “flat cat” toy were packed into a pick-up truck along with the lady, the Pei and a kind man in a black hat.  We drove for a long time in the dark and rain.  When the truck stopped the red Pei turned to me and said, “Now we are home.”
My name had been Dallas but because I am what is called a “Flowered Pei”, the lady renamed me Dahlia.  Whatever makes her happy, I’m just so pleased to have a couch to myself, two wonderful meals a day and a backyard full of sun and birds.
We inhabit the house with 3 cats.  They are relatively indifferent to us as are we to them. 
Belle, who like me is old and can be quite cranky at times, not to mention very yabbity.
Skeedely Dee who is the youngest and most bold.  She loves to hunt and be outside.
And Choco aka Snotty Cat for his constant boogery nose.  He is fearless when it comes to dogs and welcomes one and all to our happy home.
For the longest time we all lived a very structured life.  The lady would get up early and go away for most of the day.  We would all snooze in the sun.  Sometimes another person would come in to let us out back or take us for a walk. 
Then one day the lady stopped leaving.  Oh, occasionally she would drive away in the truck for a few hours but never was she gone for the whole day like before.  It was like the weekend never ended.  We Peis love having someone to open the door anytime the whim takes us and love having her kind voice and head-rubs all the time.
Wag your tail if you’re happy – it’s a smile on your whole body.
Take naps in the sun on every occasion – you will feel so refreshed.

2 thoughts on “The Adventures and Wisdom of Pumpernickel and Croissant

  1. "Wag your tail if you’re happy – it’s a smile on your whole body." Gotta love animalistic kundalini wisdom. I add…wag your tail if your not happy–it just might make you smile! 😉

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