Today I hate winter

Today I hate winter.   It’s a leaky time, a dirty time, a time of constant cleaning.

The truck is frosted in a gray coating of road-salt.  If you brush past by accident it adheres to your coat.

There is inappropriate dog pee on the snowy decks since the girls can’t go down into the woods.

Something has started leaking out of the snow blower which saw hefty use just a week ago.  It puddles on the garage floor taunting me.  For the last day or so my mind has said,  “Oh, must just be snow melting.”  Not!  Oh, and it looks like the tire may be flat…

I never did get around to placing the gas cans back under the stairs after the last fill-up and since I couldn’t find the right tops they waft a lovely petrol scent when I pass.

I might as well throw a doily over the vacuum cleaner as it seems have become part of my decorating scheme.  It slinks from room to room daily devouring the detritus of heating with wood.  Do I even own a doily??

I’m sick of socks and gloves, hats and scarves, toe-warmers and boots.  I want sundresses and flip flops.
The good news is, this doesn’t last forever and  I will find another reason to love the winter in New Hampshire.

2 thoughts on “Today I hate winter

  1. I couldn't agree more! Hopefully, the snowblower will be ok. I can loan you a doily until spring (haha) Don't you just hate the triple loads of laundry you have to do in winter, give me summer laundry any day!!

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