The Queen of Wood Meets the Pulp Hook

I am becoming the queen of wood.  I feel like I write about wood a lot here;  heating with wood, the merits of different species for producing heat with less ash.  I’ve researched wood burning stoves; this winter I stacked and burned 3 cords.
A couple of weeks ago, I took down three trees in my front yard.  There were still a couple of feet of snow so I let them lie while I worked on the burn pile.  Well, the snow is gone and it’s time to clean up.  
A friend introduced me to his wood-splitter.  I’ve rented splitters before.  I towed the monsters behind my truck to the house and spent hours listening to the engine whine; then many more hours with a buzz in my ears and a headache.  This little puppy didn’t look like it was up to the job.  It was small enough for me to move, almost without incident, and being electric, it whispered while I worked. 

Most gratifying was the fact that I neatly split up all the two foot chunks in no time.  
Then came the chunks I couldn’t lift.  They weighed roughly the same as me.
Enter the Pulp Hook!

This ingeniously simple invention removes all the bending and carrying of large chunks.  It extends your reach by nearly a foot and allows the user to move the wood while putting the mechanics of your own body weight to work.

The little, $300 splitter chugged along, carving up the most challenging logs.

As you can see, I have really gotten into the “Zen” of wood and occasionally can levitate a log!

One thought on “The Queen of Wood Meets the Pulp Hook

  1. Both my parents and my grandparents heated with wood. I can remember long summer days spent with an axe, maul and sledge hammer splitting wood the hard way. So much easier with a splitter!

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