A pinch of me…

Greatest loves of my life, found then lost. Incredible joy offset with heart-rendering sorrow. Life is a recipe.  Bad decisions are substitutions of ingredients gone wrong.

  • Impossible curly hair
  • Frustratingly failing eyesight
  • A leaky filter for people who will take advantage of me
  • Volcanic, irrational rage when taken advantage of
  • Terrible personal finance skills that force me to fret
  • A fanatical need to put words down on paper
  • Insecurities about my writing
  • The belief that I can do anything I set my mind to

Little Me 3

How different is the way I see myself than the view of me others hold? Does it matter? Do the two ever converge?  There was a Dove soap project, the YouTube video was so emotionally charged, I had to watch it twice.  It is called Real Beauty Sketches and in it a forensic artist sketches several women twice.  Once, based on what they tell him they look like.  The second sketch is drawn based on comments from a stranger who has just met the woman. The artist is behind a curtain and never sees the women he is drawing. Though it focuses on how we view our outer image, it starts the conversation.

Who am I? How will I be remembered? What do I want to leave as my mark on this world and how do I do that?

11 thoughts on “A pinch of me…

  1. It’s so funny. I always think of you as looking so much like Richard. In this childhood picture you are so much like Barbara.
    Self-image is a funny thing…do you think age makes it clearer or fuzzier?

  2. I was thinking do we SEE ourselves more clearly or are we deeper into our own “script”?
    And I’m not really sure. I like to think I see myself clearly…and I certainly accept who I am.
    But I’m always a little surprised when someone else makes an unexpected observation. It makes me question my “self-vision”.

  3. Sometimes I wish I was more like the vision people have of me (but not enough to change). I tend to be somewhat critical of myself, this isn’t to say that I don’t like me, just that I’m harsher with myself than others are.

  4. I just took a moment to view your blog. We often forget to look deeper don’t we… Life is an adventure, not matter where your travel may bring you. Far or near it all makes us who we are..

    • Thanks Jodi! You are so right, it’s the adventure that we sometimes fail to recognize when we get bogged down in the travel. That said, watching the bees brings me back to the simpler things in life.

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