Back to School

All the retailers are gearing up; electronics, clothing, sporting equipment and even food are positioned as “must haves” for this peculiar season we have entered. I am sure if there was a way to sell cars with a “Back to School” special it would be out there.

I am looking back fondly on the process. This is the first year in a life-time that there is no one in my family headed back to the books. Even though it has been years since Lexie or Hanni were in high school, the start of September still held certain memories and traditions. At the time, it often felt like a scramble after the lazy, unstructured days of summer. Suddenly there were forms to fill out, sports to try-out for, classes schedules to adjust and shopping to be done. What was acceptable for footwear and clothes through-out the heat of summer would not do going forward; the cooler weather wardrobe from last year didn’t fit.

I think my favorite shopping activity was for the school supplies.  Such promise and anticipation in those new art supplies, crisp paper and sharp scissors, candy-colored erasers and pencils, and the holder for everything so clean and shiny.  New backpacks which soon enough would smell like sweaty clothes and permanently sag from too many books.

There were last-minute doctor’s appointments for shots and paperwork needed for sports. The dash to the salon to snip off the wild hair of summer sun and water, creating something so “much more mature” for re-entry to the social world of school.

Today there were many photos from friends as they sent their young off; once again for some, for the first time for others. Shining faces and neon sneakers ruled this year.

Not so long ago:


Lexie Grade 1 – Socks


No Socks!

2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Cute! I remember sitting for hours with a Sears catalog earmarking pages of things I wanted for back to school. Then my mom and I would make a day of it. It’s been over 30 years since that last back to school shopping day and I don’t miss being in school, but I do miss those annual mom and me days!

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