Hump Day


I’m a lucky girl! This is the view out of my office window and it is only getting better!

Finally, it’s Wednesday and we can all look forward to sliding down the other side of the hill toward the weekend. The colors are glorious and getting better with each cool night. Swamps and lowlands are awash in reds, oranges and yellows.

Aside from my weekly visit to the Career Center, frantically looking for employment, writing and the usual stuff life throws into the mix, I am practicing for my Author event at the Toadstool Bookshop.  Saturday at 11am I will be in Peterborough to read and sign Therapeutic Misadventures.  I’m hoping for a sea of friendly faces but that may actually make me more nervous than a sea of unknowns. In case I haven’t bashed you over the head enough about this, or you live under a flat rock, here is the article that appeared in my local paper last week.

I will draw upon my experience, as a high-powered executive (I can say that now that I’m unemployed) presenting before crowds. In that previous life I would be sent off to conferences and road shows to meet with current and prospective investors. The wall-street audience was tough. They take courses in how to read body language and can spot bulls#@* a mile away. Most were much younger than I, which gave me the confidence of thinking:  age = wisdom. Individual, 1×1 meetings were easier, as a conversation always ensued. Large, group presentations were less comfortable,  no one wanted to tip their hand by asking questions.

Before I was a HPE, I made smaller presentations to management groups as I sold my services for technology marketing. Again, those folks were unknown to me.  It feels easier talking to people who don’t know how really crappy I look first thing in the morning or schlepping around the barnyard.  On the other hand, I may just impress a few friends with how well I can clean up for an event.

I hope all my readers who are near enough, will venture to Peterborough this weekend. If you don’t want to watch me make a mess of myself, though it should be entertaining, there are corn mazes in Mason, apples to pick, leaves to peep at, mountains to climb and ponds to kayak. I’m happy to play tour guide as soon as I get off my soap-box.

Or you are welcome to just come lie around like everyone else in my house!



7 thoughts on “Hump Day

  1. Gorgeous trees! Jealous! You will be great. Click on your warm Irish charm and think of your Dad standing behind you smiling at the crowd. That’s what I do!

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