The Journey…

I arrived to a flurry of activity. They were packing for a trip to the coast to visit friends and family for the holiday. Piles of suitcases and boxes of food were building by the open front door. I found him in his room, dozing as he listened to the voices and activity. He agreed to kick back in his lounge chair for a while, I massaged his feet and legs, letting his mind wander and his thoughts flow.

“I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t go back to sleep.”

“You had a busy Sunday,” I offered.

“So, I thought, what would be good right now? And I decided to cut wood. I imagined a chain saw and many tall, large trees. I set to work and by 5 am when I finally fell asleep, I had made plenty of firewood.” He drifted off for a moment. I listened to the conversations and household commotion.

It occurred to me, that traveling as I once did with two small children, is not unlike traveling with someone who is old. The porta-beds, play-pens and strollers are replaced with oxygen machines, wheelchairs and ramps, medicines and hospital supplies, carefully chosen foods and the “just in case” bag. As others saw to the planning and packing, he and I took our time finding his tweed vest, locating his favorite cap and making one last trip to the toilet.

When, at the last moment, the car was fully packed and I helped him slide into the passenger’s seat, he looked surprised. “You are not coming?” he demanded.

“Not this time, I’ll be here when you come home.”


13 thoughts on “The Journey…

    • Strangely enough, we both had daughters the same age. I am only two years younger than his wife. He has lots of professional caretakers so our relationship is one purely of making him happy and comfortable, while giving his wife a bit of a break from the care.

      I have never had a relationship like this before in my life and am so thankful to be with him.

  1. I like the idea of him cutting wood to get to sleep. I’ve done a similar thing with walks when sleep won’t come for me. In my mind I set off on one of my favourite walks and before I know it I’m waking up in the morning.

  2. I’ve heard that analogy many times – of how the needs of the elderly mirrors that of taking care of the very young. I enjoy reading about the relationship the two of you share. 🙂

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