Hell Hollow, NH – part one The Pumpkin People

In honor of Halloween, my blogger buddy, Laura, and I headed north yesterday afternoon in search of Hell Hollow. It is an actual place on the map though the road sign is gone. With a name like Hell Hollow, I suspect it had been stolen so many times, the sign department just gave up. We were unable to find any clues about why it was called Hell Hollow. It seemed like a nice enough corner of the woods but alas, even stopping to ask local residents proved as fruitless as my extensive Wikipedia searches.

I have so much to cover about this trip that I am breaking it down to two posts, today’s and tomorrows. Tomorrow I will take you on a photo journey of covered bridges over streams and rivers with names like “Blow Me Down”.  Today is all about Halloween charm in rural New Hampshire.

We exited Highway 89 at Enfield. Our destination was just outside of Plainfield. Lots of “fields” in these parts. As we wound our way around Croydon Mountain, we came upon a very strange local tradition. Instead of those hideous blow-up creations you find at Wal Mart or Home Depot, these folks make amazing Pumpkin People. Every house and driveway had a themed Pumpkin Person or two. There were several of the obvious; witches and clowns, in fact there were so many to choose from, we actually got picky and drove by several in disdain. Here are my top favorites for creative Halloween decorating.


This iron-worker was sitting in front of an upside down propeller, an odd enough yard decoration for the rest of the year. Do they decorate it with lights for Christmas? But the yard and barn were immaculate and so well cared for.


Dorothy and Toto graced this mailbox. Love her smile!


This was, hands down, Laura and my favorite. The attention to detail, like the rag in his pocket was excellent. This particular scene was in very close proximity to the next-best ranked “Pumpkin People.”


Across the street from the garage and a SLOW sign was this artfully crafted cop with an ingenious radar gun built from spare parts. Wonder who donated the uniform?


What’s wrong with this picture? Doesn’t it appear that he is peeing into the maple syrup bucket???  Now I will never look at pancakes the same…


Just a few hundred feet down the road from the garage, this guy caught Nemo in the stream.  Interestingly, he had a face on each side of his head, so he smiled at you coming and going.


I think Laura’s expression pretty much sums up this roadside attraction. Seriously? Gold toilets?


Loved this guy skating off down the road. His ankles look like they hurt.


Tammy Trail Host even has a supply of walking sticks should you take up the challenge.


OK, not only did I love the expression on the deer’s face, but who leaves a gun lying around by the side of the road?  The farmhouse and grounds were lovely.


Excellent use of “Mr. Potato Head” parts on this cheery farm family. I give them a “10” for the artful use of props, too.


What would Halloween be without a reference to “ET” and the full moon in the background was almost convincing.


First Prize for most creative use of panty hose and leaves. What does the sign mean by “bust?”

Happy Halloween!

Please be sure to check out Laura’s take on our day of silliness. An tomorrow, I promise, more civilized photos in Hell Hollow N.H. – part two Milling around Bridges

15 thoughts on “Hell Hollow, NH – part one The Pumpkin People

  1. Love these specially the butt crack mechanic! You could make greeting cards out of these for the artists! What a fun day you had!

    • Kim, they were very creative and impressive. I will also bet a week or so ago when the colors were at their peak in this neck of the woods, the photos would have been better. For more examples, visit my friend’s blog: Touringnh.com She is a much better photographer and got several I passed up.

      • Martha- I will- also we are-were distantly related! I am Jeff’s cousin- Aunt Polly and my mother Janice told me about your book and blog and being 54 I am loving it!! I think we met at my brother Mark’s wedding in Va. Years ago!

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  3. This is East Plainfield on the other side of town from Hell Hollow in Plainfield. I don’t know about the rest of the photos, but I am certain the propeller is on NH 120 & Methodist Hill Rd. As far as I know the pumpkin people are unique to East Plainfield. During an election year you will find pumpkin people of a political nature.

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