Day one, Days off

Shooting the Merrimack River in Manchester from a rusty rail road bridge.


A lone fisherman amid the rocks.


As Laura said, “I’m not sure I would eat any fish that came out of that river.” It used to power the textile mills in the 1800’s and was renown as the most polluted river in America. Conservation efforts have reversed that fact but still…


On to Mack’s Apples which, though it disappointed in its lack of “Pumpkin People” the sedentary subjects gave great delight to photograph. So many shapes, sizes and colors. One of those 30 lb. Blue Hubbard squash would last me the entire winter, even if I ate it daily.

DSC_7930 DSC_7931 DSC_7937 DSC_7938

This cheeky little gourd just had to come home with me.


7 thoughts on “Day one, Days off

  1. Nice shot of the turtles! The Ashuelot was once so polluted that you couldn’t stand the smell in the summer, but now they’re catching trout in it and eagles are fishing it. Still, I’m with Laura. After seeing it that way I’d have a hard time eating any fish from it.

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