A shiny new penny…

I brought home grocery bags of laundry tonight. Aprons, cloths, towels all reeking of oils and vinegars. OK, reeking is the wrong word as the smell of the two have become perfume to me much as the saddle pads soaked in horse-seat that inhabit my back seat.

This week might as well be mid-February, when everyone is hunkered down with other thoughts than shopping. Bills from a season of fun and leisure are pouring in and the cost of beginning a new season is looming on the horizon. So in the unpredictability of retail sales, we used the quiet time to get ready for the deluge to come.

My fall looks something like this: every weekend, except one in September, is booked with store events until December 25th. I am gazing upon a calendar that is fuller than an expectant mother in her last few months. Life is burgeoning with activity!When I switched over the work-laundry, (as opposed to the barn-laundry that leaves lots of pokey hairs and a definite smell of hay,)  from the washer to the dryer, I searched  for money that might have been left in those apron pockets. I had hoped for a ten, maybe even just a couple of soggy dollar bills. A shiny, 2014 penny rattled in the drum of the washer.  A lucky penny is my reward.


9 thoughts on “A shiny new penny…

  1. I love finding money in the washer. I don’t know why because it was always my money to begin with but it feels like a great find. An unexpected treat, even if it is only loose change!

  2. I keep a catch-all on the window sill above our washer. It’s loaded with a variety of coins collected from pockets and on the inside rim of our front-load machine but until now I’d really kind of just forgotten that it’s there. Best go tally it up. There may be enough treat money there for an ice cream (for Bill) or a cup of chai (for me). Who knows? Maybe both!

  3. We have a rhyme about found pennies here.

    See a penny pick it up
    All the day you’ll have good luck
    Give the penny to a friend
    And your luck will never end.

    I’m not sure it works though because I’ve picked up plenty of pennies and given them to friends.

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