Smeary Glasses – Clear Vision

Some days I marvel at what life hands me and how it all seems to work out for blog material at the very least. If you can’t write about it, laugh about it, or at the very least be amazed and say “WTF!!” then you aren’t paying attention.

I set off to meet with a woman who owns a very cool business in Depot Square. A year or more ago, when we first met at her store, Bowerbird and Friends, I thought, “Hmm, I’d like to call her a friend, never mind she has an amazing place here.” We had a few strange encounters and “business” dealings. When we sat down today at the Bagel Mill, she sat, curled up in her chair, leaned forward and dug in to how we can work together and what the goals are. No 54th floor, all-glass-confereneceroom stuffiness. Just, “Let’s do something great!”

We both had stores to open and days to manage, so the meeting was brief but rewarding. I opened the store to a cast of characters ranging from the lady I feel I can never please, who was refilling bottles and adding a few new items, to the couple who came in with no clue what they were in for  and walked out so excited to run home and make salads and cook.

For the second time that day, I leaned forward and offered my glasses to someone my age who was lost without them. “They’re so smeary, how do you see through them?” she asked. “Yes but life looks soft and happy through them!” I replied. We all need glasses at this stage. I wear contacts and STILL need glasses. If you forget yours, don’t bitch about the condition of mine…

My day ended with returning various calls when I reached home; while juggling dog bowls and singing the “Doggie Dinner Song” for my roommates. I caught up with Hanni and my Ex, Jeffrey, who is just back from visiting Lex in New Orleans.

As I was vacuuming, watching the news and smelling the sweet aroma of my mom’s Lamb Savory, heating for dinner, it occurred to me the vision is clear. I am still a Mom and regardless of how much Jeffrey tries to appease me that Lex is fine, I will do the Mom Worry act. I am a daughter who seeks solace in my mother’s comfort food. I am a wise woman of almost sixty years who has a knack for seeing how to market to people when the products are truly wonderful and relevent

A week ago it snowed. The last few days have been over 60°. I feel like this tulip – you can try, winter, but Spring is inevitable.  My glasses may be smeary, but my vision is clear.



9 thoughts on “Smeary Glasses – Clear Vision

  1. I gave up on the contacts when I was flying all the time because they dried out in planes. About two years ago I bit the varifocal bullet and I’ve never looked back. They took a while to get used to but it saves carrying around two pairs and juggling them although I have computer ones for work. Mostly mine are smeary and covered in finger prints, occasionally I clean them properly and am surprised how well I can see. As for hats, don’t even get me started, I love them and Commando regularly disowns me because of them.

    • Ha! Love hats! Smeary because I buy the cheapest ones I can find by the crate then spend all my waking hours putting them up on my head or yanking them off.

      The contacts are dailies and I am blind without them…

  2. I remember my first pair of prescription reading glasses. I left them on the coffee table the first day I got them until mysterious little deep squished teeth marks appeared at the end of the arm. One of our cats obviously noticed them and was quick to form an opinion, or were they trying them on? I still wear them as a back up teeth marks and all.

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