Spring Beach Ride

I thought I would get a jump on the Thanksgiving posts. This year will be different. Every year, of course had something different about it, but this year is a first for reasons of being able to just let go of the traditions and be truly thankful for what life has given me.

I have experienced a year of incredible creative freedom. I am blessed to write, every day. Publishing a book of my memories from thirty years ago has provided perspective and a sense of calm when faced with life’s little adversities.

Though my wonderful ex-husband, Jeff won’t be laying out a feast this Thanksgiving, we will share time with Lex and dine in luxury in Portland, ME. Jeff’s holiday dinners were legendary. Our family and friends would sign up a year in advance to have a seat at the table. There was always a turkey and a goose, fresh not frozen. Heaps of stuffing, roasted chestnut for one bird, cornbread oyster for the other, appeared next to squash and mashed potatoes. No ordinary vegetables were served. It was always something mouth-watering like Brussel Sprouts sautéed to caramelized sweetness with green grapes and pine nuts. He started his pies early in the week. I remember the year one of the cats decided to sample just a bit out of each, before walking across the glorious squash, pumpkin, and pecan tarts. A football game was always rumbling on the television in the background, while he cooked, and the house smelled so good your mouth watered all day.

I am thankful that we had that time together and that we have come out on the other side, with our lives intact, though separate, and our friendship. I am thankful that my daughters learned to cook and eat exotic foods.

I look forward to a sharing new memories from this year. Having Lex back in my life, even for a short visit, has opened my eyes to how roles shift.  My girls have grown into women and created their own lives away from mine. As with all parent-child relationships, we slip back into roles sometimes that feel like an ill-fitting pair of jeans. I remember when they were new and fit so well, but time has changed and they are now tight and bind in strange places. I am thankful we are able to grow and accept the changes.

I am thankful for the creative and supportive friends I have rediscovered or found along the way, this past year; for those who follow my writing and encourage me to continue. This year has brought so many artists and writers into my life to replace the drudgery of office life and the shallow relationships that peopled that world.

I am thankful for the love of my animals, for bees and sleigh rallies, for my gardens and woods, for lazy kayaking trips and frigid snowy rides. For covered bridges and country fairs.

I am thankful to you, as you read this, for giving me the strength and encouragement to dare to make the leap into a life I love.

8 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. Thanksgiving isn’t about the food (although Jeff’s dinner sounded fabulous), the football or the parades. It’s about things (not physical things) and people in our world that we are grateful for, about the everyday things we so often take for granted. If people remembered to be thankful everyday, not just the 4th Thursday in November, then the world would be a much happier place!

  2. Living your idea of the perfect life is possible. I never thought that I’d be able to re-live my childhood and crawl through the woods again, but here I am. Your blog sometimes reminds me of how painful the road to here was and I’m thankful for that, because I don’t want to take it for granted. It’s best to be grateful for such a gift.

  3. For me it’s been a mad whirl of a year filled with ships and heartbreak. I’m thankful for the chances I had and the things I learned but, on the whole, I shall be glad when it’s over.

    • Marie, did you mean ships or shifts? Agreed, this has been a year of changes, some I had control over, others that took control of me. Overall, I have learned so much about myself and my life that I feel the times of pain were rewarded with the knowledge of how I got through them. Warm wishes, I know you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there, but I am thankful for finding you and your blog.

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