Acts of Balance

Some days are full of acts; a balancing act of disappointments and joys, or random acts of kindness.

After hunkering down over dreary tasks like job hunting and car sales all week, I took the morning off. Since my day at the computer starts somewhere around 5:30, ‘the morning’ refers to the hours between ten o’clock and noon.  I was late meeting Lauren for our ride, and was met with a merry band of women, dogs and horses. It was frigid but sunny.The barnyard is so festive with stockings hung for the horses and the annual wreath. Heather and Amy were taking a break from morning chores to catch up in the sun with Lauren.



Amy, Heather, Lauren in the barnyard

Let me just say, our winter riding attire may not be sexy but functional warmth wins out over style. And, beneath each bulky jacket beats a heart of gold.

We headed out for the untouched trails on the mountain behind the barn. The crusty snow crunched with sixteen hooves but our conversation and awe at the perfect blue skies and bright landscape rang out louder. Heather and I agreed, the pleasure of riding with Lauren and Blessing is listening to Lauren giggle hysterically most of the way.


Lauren and Blessing followed by Amy and Angel


Heather on the truly cute, chunky Clyde.

I take my ‘weekends’ where I can, in small bites, during random days. The pure joy of being outside with friends and horses in the first snow of the season, felt like a perfect Sunday afternoon in any other life. I came back to find two of the job opportunities I had pursued were dead. Joy started to slide into frustration, when I remembered I had a lunch date with my blogger-buddy, Laura. We are working on small sideline business ideas; she had graciously offered to buy so we could discuss details.  As we talked through the parameters of the project, the angles and hooks I felt the balance slide back to even. My mind flexed and I suddenly remembered, the world is full of possibilities and I am well equipped to create a new career that doesn’t look anything like the old one.

It’s a giant balancing act, like riding Night up a snowy mountain, just to sit and look around.

DSC_5796 DSC_5808

The random acts of kindness are the most emotional. A note from a distant relative, telling me how much she “enjoys reading my posts each morning” reminded me that I have a voice. That what I do every day for no pay is more important than the other frustrations because it has the potential to bring great joy. A bear hug from a guy who is not prone to such random acts of emotion; he knew I had struggled lately and waited for a quiet time to show support with no other words than “You need a hug.”

Gee? Was it that obvious?

4 thoughts on “Acts of Balance

  1. I’m jealous! I can hear the crunch of hooves in the snow. See the breath from flaring nostrils. a perfect day indeed!

  2. There’s nothing like time on the trails with friends (4 legged included). You have a way of doing random acts of kindness for others, even if you aren’t aware your doing them!

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