Christmas and Love Bloom in South Carolina

I escaped the “Noreaster” that hit New England this weekend.  Friday night my doppelgänger sent me a ticket to Charleston, SC. Though I arrived late and exhausted, it was great  to put on a t-shirt and smell the warm, damp south.

Rain was forecast for the afternoon on Saturday so we got an early start. Steph took me to tour downtown before it got too wet. First stop for two equestrians was the carriage sheds. Charleston has a whole fleet of carriages to take tourists around the city.


This painting of the horse looking out of the window was so realistic, I had to look twice!

DSC_5831 DSC_5832 DSC_5835 DSC_5837 DSC_5844 DSC_5852

Just smelling the sweat and manure made us feel like we were home.  The carriage sheds are set up so when a team comes in from a tour, they walk through the building, are stripped of their harnesses and bathed, then put in stalls to rest and await their next tour. It reminded us of a car wash!

From there we wandered around town. The French Quarter boasts the restored public markets. Originally, these buildings housed  meat, vegetable and fish markets. Today, the  low, open stalls are filled with local crafts and products.




Gas Lamps and Wreaths abound!


DSC_5867 DSC_5882

We could not figure out why there was water squirting out of these horses' heads?!

We could not figure out why there was water squirting out of these horses’ heads?!

The College of Charleston was our last stop. The rain was just starting as we approached the entrance.


This institution is the oldest municipal college in America. It was founded in 1770 and reorganized as a city college in 1837.  The architecture was lovely; soft pinks and greens, old brick and arches. As we entered the main courtyard, I noticed a couple sitting on the steps, locked in conversation.  We approached and I asked if I could take the shot. The woman said, “Only if I can tell you our story.” Angela and Rodney were visiting the city from North Carolina. Rodney had bought the trip for her birthday. The day before, they were on a carriage ride and when it stopped at the entrance to the college, she had hopped out to take a photo in the courtyard. She turned and Rodney was on one knee at the entrance with a lovely ring and a proposal for marriage.




7 thoughts on “Christmas and Love Bloom in South Carolina

  1. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! I haven’t been to Charleston in over 40 years. I’d love to go back and tour it now. Thank you for the heads up on some not to miss places when I get there!

  2. Martha, what a lovely tribute to fascinating Charleston, where I used to live. Laura over at Touring New Hampshire sent me your way. We used to live on Queen Street, just a few blocks from some of your photographs (the water-squirting horses 🙂 ). Our place was at the nexus of 2 of the carriage tour routes, so there was always a lot of whinnying when the horses encountered their stablemates. It was magical. I hope you enjoyed your time there. All the best, Terri

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