Weighing In

Fresh, crusty bread, extra virgin olive oil from Chile, a custom blend of herbs and spices sprinkled into the oil for dipping. Steamed, brilliant green asparagus, drizzled with lemon olive oil. Angel hair pasta boiled to perfection and coated with lemon sea salt and lemon olive oil. Balsamic glazed sea scallops in a honey ginger balsamic reduction. Yes, I eat like this almost every night.

I know what most of the women reading this are thinking. Weight gain. I, on the other hand, am afflicted with just the opposite problem. I struggle to maintain a healthy weight, which means I can eat just about anything. I’m not gloating, far from it. Just because I can eat anything, my mind ceased being interested in food years ago, and it became a time drain. It’s not that I don’t enjoy sitting down and sharing a wonderful meal, but it doesn’t occur to me to EAT. I forge ahead all day, until my light-headedness reminds me I’ve forgotten. Only if I can do something else while eating, read or watch TV, will I take time for nourishment.

Please, don’t tell me about how your thighs are rubbing or your butt is blossoming out of your jeans. At this time of year, I’m a virtual Baklava of layers. This helps to keep me warm, but also allows me to keep my jeans from falling down around my knees. Being skinny is not pretty without lots of Photoshop and airbrush applied. I think it ages you more than having a healthy layer of flesh.

Back to eating. I have discovered the world of oils and vinegars as you no doubt have read ad nauseum in past posts. Did you know you can pair the two in almost anything you can dream up? I put dark chocolate balsamic on a Sara Lee frozen cheesecake the other night! You would have thought I stopped off at the bakery on my way home. Rice pudding? That’s a perfect with black cherry balsamic.  I, who used to live by the maxim that food is merely a vehicle for butter and salt, now use neither on my green vegetable of the day. A dash of Butternut Squash seed oil takes root veggies to a whole new level. Mushroom Sage on cauliflower with a dash of garlic and for the greener fare, I choose a citrus olive oil such as Persian Lime, Lemon or Blood Orange.

Of course, much to my chagrin, all this eating is not putting any addition poundage on my frame. I finally found food that tantalizes me and it’s just too damn healthy. Well, perhaps not the cheesecake. Or rice pudding…


Rice pudding, espresso balsamic and a cinnamon stick heated to perfection!

8 thoughts on “Weighing In

  1. Even if you aren’t “packing on the pounds” at least you have found something to make mealtimes much more enjoyable and something you look forward to instead of having to remember! Bon Appetit!

    • Recipes are in the works, or at least suggested uses. I am amazed at the customers who come in and share their experiments with using the oils on popcorn, in baking and even balsamic on their oatmeal in the morning!

  2. Now I’m hungry! I struggle to keep the pounds off while Commando is like you. We both eat the same food, although he eats more of it a d then has cakes and crisps on top but not a lb goes on. I guess we are all different.

    • We are all different and while I commiserate with those who struggle with gaining, I just want people to know it isn’t always fun to be dealing with the opposite problem. Commando probably exercises more than I with his running. I wish I liked running but would rather be riding, which in itself is great exercise.

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