February (Sno)Woes…

As I left the store, I waved and went out to scrape crusted snow and ice off the windshield for the millionth time. The funny thing about the snow is how we all eventually do just get over it. We drive slowly, attempt to be courteous and we get on with life despite the inconveniences. The schools reopen and though the roads have narrowed considerably the world moves forward.

For all that we have sensationalized the storms this winter, I think a look back at very recent history would show this is pretty normal for New Hampshire winters.


Last year on February 9th I awoke to this

This was the “moon-scape” of my back deck three days ago.


Today it was a bit different…


We shovel and plow, we use leaf-blowers on the light stuff and rake our roofs to prevent ice dams. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, you vehicle might shed some of the ice that builds up after every trip down the road. Unfortunately, that too must be shoveled out of the garage.

Icicles grow to epic proportions on the unused wing of my house, shielding the windows and darkening the rooms.



The beauty in the patterns snow creates is ever-changing.



This post is a bit late today. I awoke to “no signal.”  No TV, no internet.  A quick trip out to carefully clean off the various satellite dishes restored my communication links to the world. All in a day’s work here on the back side of the mountain…

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