New Voices

I don’t know if it is just me but the silence of winter has extended to my blog statistics. I’m not anal about them, I check once a day mostly to see where in the world it has ended up. Sadly, my fan in Macedonia has not been back.

I’ve been rather disappointed in the quality of my recent posts and feeling I have gotten so busy with other areas of my life that the passion I once felt for writing here has slipped. Creativity ebbs and flows and mine has been flowing toward marketing copy and website content. What brought this screaming into my face was the new project I started; drafting posts for the store’s blog.

“Ah,” I thought, “too much navel-gazing lately in your own blog, so taking on a new identity suddenly unleashes your imagination?”

I began searching the blogs I follow and those of folks who have liked or commented on my posts. There was inspiration there and a feeling I may not be alone shouting into the darkness some days. If I make it easy and fun, people expect, no I expect it is a simple matter of corralling the thoughts, putting them down coherently, then proofing and editing a million times. The time I give to proofing and editing far outweighs the time spent cornering the thoughts. I have not given enough time to the work of writing and saw that when I reviewed what I had written for the “new voice.”

I’ve studied the habits of great writers, read the tips of not so great (or they wouldn’t be writing the tips section,)  and done my best to develop my little routine. The last thing I want in life is to being saying to myself, “Oh thank god it’s Friday and I don’t have to write a post for Saturday.” The job just doesn’t pay that well, if it ever does come to that…

So lacking any earth-shattering revelations, allow me to introduce you to my latest inspiration in blogging. Doesn’t have an elaborate “About” page, tells you nothing about himself but what you can glean through slight teasers in his posts, and his tag line is “Just another idiot on the internet…Great.” Though I don’t write humor, I want to live in Thomas’s head for a while. He is hilarious and well deserving of recognition, even just by little old me. Someone please buy that man a drink!

9 thoughts on “New Voices

  1. This is very kind. I don’t have an elaborate “About” page because I don’t like reading them. I didn’t want to subject my readers to something I can’t stand to read myself. Thank you for being so flattering.

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