You are NOT what you eat…

I will be roundly hated by some for this post. A very small minority will thrust their skinny fists in the air and silently mouth “YES!”

We may be a minority but we need to be heard. We are the women who have never needed to watch their weight. We have many other problems, but that’s not one of them. I have always been thin, petite, zipper-like, whatever.  I didn’t move from a training bra to something more substantial until I was pregnant. Too thin to look good in a bikini top, never could look sexy in that little black sexy dress. No butt or hips to hold up low-cut jeans.  Lots of fashion trends just passed me right by. I suffered growing up to the taunts of the other kids for my knobby knees and flat chest.

And don’t throw those horrendously skinny models at me. The clothing they wear is custom-tailored, not to mention the shots are PhotoShopped. No, skinny has its problems, trust me. You feel your jeans getting tight and worry? My concern is the amount of baggy, saggy denim. I slip into what I used to call my “skinny jeans”, with long-johns on underneath. Staying warm requires heroic layers and I’ve learned keeping one’s neck warm is almost as important as wearing a hat to retain heat.

My nutrition routine has nothing to do with my weight. Well, perhaps it does because I do not stress-eat. I stress-non-eat. Love to cook, hate to eat. If I could chug every meal as a protein drink I’d be happy. A good friend recently got me started on Superfood smoothies.   I love that I’m nurturing my body and don’t have to chew. The tiny chia seeds that stick in every crevice are not so nice, but the simplicity of downing a meal in a single glass is perfect.

Late night binges on ice cream help keep the weight on in winter. I am partial to pistachios, OK obsessed is probably more accurate. My favorite “lazy meal” is a salad and frozen butternut squash ravioli. While the pasta is cooking, I heat up a couple of tablespoons of butternut squash seed oil, toss in a fresh sage leaf and some pine nuts. When the pasta is cooked I drizzle the oil and nuts over the top. Quick, easy and filling.

As I age, I worry that I will become one of those skinny old women that look like they are about to snap in two. The line between thin and healthy is thin, no pun intended…

6 thoughts on “You are NOT what you eat…

  1. You forgot to mention the boob jobs on those super skinny models. Especially for women, weight seems to be a constant struggle and it goes both ways…always needing to put on a few pound or always needing to lose a few or struggling to maintain. I fall into the needing to lose a few, but that it is ok for me. I have developed a favorite saying…”I used to be thin, trim and sexy. Now I am fat, dumb and happy!!!” But, I couldn’t agree more, it would be so much easier if all meals came in a glass. (Actually most of mine do, that’s my problem. Beer – it’s what’s for dinner. hahaha)

  2. It is hard for the Energizer Bunny to gain weight too…..hmmmm, connection there? You are the busiest person I know, how did you ever have time for that corporate job anyway? Love you the way you are!

  3. When I was a gardener I could eat anything. Multiple anythings, but not now. I’ve got weight that should come off but it’s a lot harder taking it off than it was putting it on. The secret is moving around as much as possible, I think.

  4. I don’t think any of us are happy with the way we are. For me the problem is not putting it on but I know it’s equally frustrating when it is the other way. Maybe if society wasn’t quite so judgemental people wouldn’t be so hung up about weight. It’s our differences that make us interesting.

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