Life gets in the way…

I had a post, a thought I was working on for today. But last night life got in the way.

The day, my lovely immersion in the crazy hours of retail sales, of odd encounters where people take a moment out of their lives to walk into my space and seek a break from the sun, or the rain or whatever. I connect in such intricate ways with all types of people all day long. It was late afternoon before I heated up my soup for lunch and took stock of the snippets that make up the hours.

Then I came home, to the crazy three hours I spend before crawling between the sheets when I cook and talk and connect with someone else about their day, voyeurs into each other’s past few hours of dealing with the outside world. It was Julia’s birthday. She had requested and I had promised; filet mignon wrapped in bacon cooked rare on the grill, my herbed potato chips and a salad of tomato, basil and smoked mozzarella. The chips were slightly over-done and the steak should have been pulled off the grill a minute earlier. But the Jimmy Log Italian pastry from Ava Marie’s was a decadent ending.

I wanted to run off to my solitude, to do what my routine dictated I should be doing. I couldn’t help feeling the pull of life from her conversation that tempted me to drift back, remember the time when you thought you had the answers. And realize you are still seeking them after all these years. But the search is less frantic and carries a more curious  mood. If I haven’t solved the riddle by now, perhaps solving it is not the answer.

To be turning twenty-two today. I want to write this down and I can only hope, in twenty-two years you will find this and re-read what tonight was like for you. I felt the frustration of knowing you are on the right path and holding yourself back while struggling to not run down it. To take your time, feel the warm dirt under your feet, look at the turns and flowers of your labor, to know these are the building blocks for what you want…

I had a post prepared, but life got in the way…



10 thoughts on “Life gets in the way…

  1. “Life got in the way” I’ve said that many times before when I found myself interrupted in my pursuits. Now, I try to remember that this is living and life happens – what is the alternative?

  2. And so it goes… As I approach 60 (yikes! Did I really say that?!?!?) I’ve become more accepting of the fact that things don’t always go as planned. It’s fun to look forward to special events, trips and the like but I also try to temper my enthusiasm with an inner warning that there may be bumps along the way. Road blocks even! It doesn’t take away the disappointments but it does help if only a wee bit.

    Lovely photo header!

    • Indeed, Julieallyn, wise words. Thank you making time. I am looking 60 square in the face and for the first time not feeling the least bit worried that I won’t be able to handle whatever happens!

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