Cooking up some fun

I have savored the recipes all week. Last Saturday, Chef Elizabeth Skipper, from The Everyday Epicure, came to the shop for our fifth drop-in cooking demo. I’m fascinated by the range of ability each guest chef has to offer. Elizabeth concentrated on appetizers and the results were stunning!

The day began with a bit of a struggle. Deb and I had agreed to meet at 8:45 to prep the shop before opening. She was picking up balloons and it never occurred to either of us that the Dollar Store wouldn’t open until 9:30. I became panicked when she didn’t arrive until 9:45 but with the help of our landlords, the tent went up, the tables were set and everything came together.

As to the food? Chef Skipper cooked up Sicilian Chicken tidbits with mint sauce, Bruschetta, and fried Sage Leaves.

MOV Demo-9942 MOV Demo-9940 MOV Demo-9934 MOV Demo-9929 MOV Demo-9926 DSC_7589

The weather was perfect; cool but sunny. Customers, old and new, flocked to the shop and with the help of Deb and Kelly, we pulled off another successful day!

Recipes are up on the shop web site if you are interested.

(Photos courtesy LandSPhotography)

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