The path where there was none…

If only we didn’t try to see the way, if we could trust that there will be a path, a safety net, a light at the end of the tunnel. What does it take to let go and trust your instincts? To look out upon the forest and know there is a wall of rock ledge rising four-stories high at the back. I can’t see it from my house, but I know from my tramping through those woods that it is there, has been there since the ice age brought those boulders crashing down the side of the mountain.


The logging project has opened wide swaths of forest. It is raw and tangled now, but the newly churned soil is rich and the sunlight will help it to heal.


The ledges house coyotes. I hear them calling to each other as they work their way down and through my yard to the swamp across the street. They yelp and yip, a chorus of songs  meant to tell each other the direction of the flight of their prey. There are no paths, just the knowledge that the terrain will change and they must be fleet.


The trees that grow at the base of the ledges house ravens, silky black and raucous as they ride the winds created by the shape of the land. They have no paths above the trees, they dodge and dart through the tree-tops in pursuit of food.

If you can’t join the throngs at the grocery store, and your day is centered on finding sustenance,  highways are unnecessary. A metaphor for life, really; step off the path…


8 thoughts on “The path where there was none…

  1. I often wish we could be more like that coyote and forgo speeding highways in favor of a simple existence, sustenance, nature, and family. What a lovely look at your little corner of the world.

  2. Yes I had no idea how to find a path out, then just jumped…scary and life shattering but what a relief, whole new horizons and landscapes never dreamed of. And then nature does heal.
    Oh and why are they clearing the wood- did I miss that?

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m clearing the woods for firewood and lumber. We had a huge ice storm several years ago that damaged a lot of trees.

      We never know when a path will appear or where it will lead, follow it!

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