Simple Truths

There are certain, undeniable truths I have learned in my life so far. I suspect these will resonate with others, sometimes we just need reminding.

Just when I think I have a plan for myself and I am checking off the boxes, a windstorm will erupt and blow all those blue-prints astray. I frantically try to gather back the pieces and  am consumed with fury at having my intention disrupted. Until, I realize the plan is flawed, and this is life’s way of showing me which parts are the important ones on which to focus.

These are my truths:

I will allow those I love the most to hurt me the hardest, because I opened my heart the widest to them. Rather than shut them out, I will take the sting and revel in my pain; an alternative doesn’t exist.

I will always write. We each have an outlet for self-expression. For some it’s music, poetry, dance, or quilt-making. Opening the door and baring your soul to the world through creativity is nourishment.

I will surround myself with beauty; be it flowers culled from the garden, art, food, music, life is better and richer because if it. Bring it inside, bring it into your life.

Like the “Cobbler’s kids going barefoot,” I will take care of those around me before realizing I must take care of myself to have anything left to give.

I learn to like myself more and more the older I get. I forgive myself for my small failings and refuse to focus on “would’ve, should’ve, could’ve.”

Death awaits us all. How you face it is your choice.


8 thoughts on “Simple Truths”

  1. I, too, over the years have learned many of the same truths, plus a few particular to me. Continuing to learn through out life is part of what makes it all worth it. We all know someone who had never learned from life and continues to make the same mistakes over and over again.

  2. I like this post perhaps best of all that I’ve read of yours thus far. As I wrote in my ‘Blanche’ post, I have also learned to be more gentle with myself. Rather than comparing myself to others in matters that, really, mean very little and finding myself lacking, I now revel in who I am, where I’ve come, where I am now and where I hope to tread going forward.

    Good photos, great piece. 🙂

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