Chronicle of a Storm…

And so it begins. Driveway plowed? Check. Salt applied? Check. Generator running? Check. Fireplace raging? Check. Emergency water boiling on the stove? Check. All systems are good to go.

At 4pm I had everything in order, having managed to wend my way home through the blizzard. It started on schedule at 9am; fat, wet flakes coating everything. The store was brisk early on, by 2pm the power when out and it was time to try to get back up the Mountain. Julia had called regularly. Though she grew up in Montana and knows how to handle driving in snow, the bald tires on her car were no match for the slippery slush. She went off the road repeatedly and finally just gave up to wait for her Dad to come rescue her.

I will concede and give my little car credit for marching along. I don’t love it. I loved my truck. I do have more respect for its simple, plain-vanilla-self. Every car I met that wasn’t in the ditch was another Subaru.

After all the years and all the storms weathered, I am happy to say the first one still brings a sense of order to life, resetting systems and adjusting to something you have no control over. It also still brings the childish wonder and delight of watching the world disappear under a blanket of white.

As long as I have battery power on my laptop, I think I will just sit a while and write…

Several hours later.

Hoping Julia got my text. Out of gas. No heat except what I stored up and what the fireplace is producing. No lights except the oil lamps and candles. This isn’t a bad thing, but music would be nice… I should have filled the bath tubs when I had the chance…

The wind is picking up. Wind chimes dance against the tree and house. Branches fall softly on the snow, but brush by noisily on the roof. Dinner sizzles on the fire. No idea how long this will last and no way to know when the power will be restored. The world is quiet and white, a blanket thrown over the usual routine.

It came back. Julia came home, dinner commenced and the world was powered once again. I turned off everything, reversed the processes that allow for normal procedures. Then with a blink it was gone again. Candles are snuffed. the oil lamps are out, but suddenly there is no power and darkness rules again.


10 thoughts on “Chronicle of a Storm…

  1. Perfect! Winter storms — a grade-school child’s favorite word is ‘blizzard’ — are both fierce and awe-inspiring. Many fond memories of being snowed in, oftentimes with new ‘friends’ who were forced to abandon their cars and seek shelter in our home while the wind howled and snow screamed all around us outside. Keep warm my friend!

  2. I’m so glad we left ahead of the storm. Waldo is no good in the snow. Hope power came back on for you. Just read the news this morning and PSNH is hoping to have power restored to everyone by Monday. What a way to start the winter season!

  3. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live somewhere with so much snow. Power outages are very rare here too and I’m thankful for that. Having said that, as soon as we have the slightest bit of either everything grinds to a halt here because we are so unprepared. I hope your power wasn’t out too long.

    • Marie, I do believe the dramatic changes keep people moving and “young” as it were. You can’t just sit by and watch the world, it demands your attention. So many folks here retire to warmer climates when they grow older. Those who stay seem to be hardier and stronger…
      at least that’s what I tell myself when the frustration sets in mid-winter 🙂

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