Seeing the light…

As I was changing the “animal-proof-protective cover (aka an old bed sheet) on my 30-year-old couch, it occurred to me that not everyone has this problem. Anyone who doesn’t own or is owned by (to be PC) pets never has to worry about the hair, smell, irreverent attitude toward mud and the occasional “accident.” There are those pet owners who will swear their dogs and cats never get up on the furniture. Right. Are they stuffed???

Coming home to a being whose whole body is exuding joy to see you is worth the extra effort.

The annual holiday retail frenzy is making for brisk business at the store and I really love talking to people about cheeses, cooking, and all things oil & vinegar. In eleven short months I have seen a community grow around me and feel truly a part of something. I left work early to start my own shopping; I realized I have to ship everything.

Things were slow at the underwear boutique so I chatted a while with the owner about her grandson and the local economy. At the hat box store, Pete was lonely so we covered local politics and what hours we were all going to keep after New Year’s. He is thinking of opening a second store and we discussed his options of franchise or wholesale as alternatives. As I was leaving, my buddy Keith who is the chef at The Waterhouse appeared. He was strutting along, head down, intent no doubt on the dinner menu for the Saturday night crowd. He looked up and grinned. We exchanged cheers and news and I was reminded of how pleasant this little town is.

Off to the grain store where I ran into a customer of mine. Then to New England Everyday Goods for stocking-stuffers. The owners moved from downtown to a more remote location  this year. I had not been out to visit their store so we spent an hour touring and talking about the changes and business overall. Hmm, business. This is a far cry from jumping a plane to NYC every other week and talking stocks.

It was dark and sleeting when I arrived back at Casa Bunyan, as my doppelgänger now calls my home. Tails were wagging, voices were in full cry, competing to tell their joy or perhaps just that the food bowls were empty…


12 thoughts on “Seeing the light…

  1. It all sounds rather perfect from my seat! I do miss the small town courtesies, familiarities, and pace of life in the country… hmmm…. Something off about Christmas shopping in 70 degrees, but, then, there is no shoveling either…. reasonable trade off for any time other that Christmas I think.

  2. Sounds perfect to me. Living on the edge of a large town that kind of personal shopping experience is only something I experience when I got to the village for my groceries. There is always time for a chat with the butcher and a little joke with the familiar check out ladies at the small supermarket.

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