The Princess and the Pea…

I have an embarrassing confession. Might as well make it here and see how many are actually listening.

I awoke at around 3 am. I was uncomfortable, The fact that I was pinned down, (a dog and a cat on one side, another larger cat holding down the covers on the other side,) only contributed to my need for relief.  Turning over pretty much requires a shift of the universe; everyone then has to get up, stretch, turn in circles to remove any imaginary snakes and settle back in with huge “Harumph!” But there was a niggling sore on my right hip.

I wriggled and found comfort on my back. An hour later, I rolled onto my right hip again, adjusting the pillow that blocks the beam from the nightlight in the bathroom. (Why have a nightlight if it bothers you?? I ask myself nightly…)

When the first thin light of day snuck around the curtains, I again felt a sharp pain. Throwing back the covers and stretching toward the edge of the bed, I noticed a distinct, sharp indentation in my skin. It was sore, but a little itchy. I considered that the mattress pad was thinning and perhaps the buttons on the 10-year old mattress were beginning to be troublesome. Then I spotted the lone Cheerio. Eating Chex Mix in bed has caught up with me…


12 thoughts on “The Princess and the Pea…

  1. How uncomfortable, those renegade Cheerios can be! Of course if you need more body padding, I can give you some of mine! What are friends for after all?

  2. The most peculiar “something in the bed” was when my arm went to sleep and it flopped on my face like rubber…Oh and now that I know they are computer snowflakes on your blog they look festive…I thought I was suffering some sort of cyber attack and that all the words and letters were falling off the screen…;-)

  3. He he. This is why Commando won’t allow food in bed. Even so, I’ve found some interesting crumbs in my cleavage from time to time. Love the mental picture of all those animals restlessly turning and settling.

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