The Day the World Took Off

Regardless of outcome from the “storm of the century” it was a day when all non-essential personnel were told to just stay home. No planes carved white paths through the sky, no vehicles lumbered by on the road below. There is a silence to a snowstorm unlike any other. Birds flitted down to the feeders for sustenance but wasted no breath on song.DSC_8822 DSC_8824 It was a day for making snow angels,


rolling down tiny hills,


measuring depths,


starting all over again,


and playing like no one was watching.


It was a day of changing light and shapes.


It was the day the world took off…

8 thoughts on “The Day the World Took Off”

  1. Our weather warnings brought about an inch of snow on a hill about fifteen miles from here. The buses all cut their routes short and panic ensued. All we had was slush! I like the silence of snow and the fresh crispness beofre anyone walks on it. It isn’t something I’ve seen often though.

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