Guilty Pleasures

Once a month I indulge in my “girly” side with a trip to the salon. It’s a world of female indulgences. While sitting and waiting my turn for beautification, I was skimming a recent “women’s” magazine and came across an article on new ways to reclaim one’s perky breasts. The thought occurred to me that if I’m worried about a partner being disappointed in my almost-sixty-year-old, less than perky breasts, I’m probably wading in the kiddie pool end of the ocean of life.

The models and movie starlets had flawless skin; no sagging upper arms or furrowed brows. I looked up at myself in the mirror then glanced at the folks surrounding me. Real life was a different picture, but no one seemed particularly bothered by the stark contrast. I watched one proud technician sporting a huge pregnant belly sashay past and admired her girth.

For several hours I watched as women came and went in various stages of renewal. Those who had just endured hair removal bore tender looking upper lips, others with new hair-styles glanced appreciatively into the mirrors as they craned their necks for a 360° view.  They chatted about their kids, the news, schools, marriage, and weekend plans. I felt one with an odd band of co-conspirators taking time out to sharpen our weapons and step back from the routine.

Guilty pleasures are rare these days in my life. I have given up all but a few. Sunday night is still my “Spa Night” as it used to mean the start of another work week and I would crawl out of my barn clothes and plan my attack on Wall Street. It took a good hot soak and a shift of attitude to get me in the mood to pick out my work-week “armor” and switch my brain over to that persona. These days there is less shift and certainly the wardrobe is simpler but I still indulge in a night of feeding my skin and relaxing.

Aside from those late night pistachio binges, my guilty pleasures have become few and far between…


13 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Love it… every woman who reads this today knows exactly what you are describing, Love the line about stages of renewal. My guilty pleasure, at 60, is a bi monthly trip to the chiropractor followed by an hour with a physical therapist/masseuse…. Ok, maybe not entirely guilty pleasure, but one of absolute necessity if I want to get up and out of bed, a chair, the car!

  2. Good for you to do something that makes you feel girly and special. We all need it some times. I have no interest in reading any articles about “firming my breasts”. They are what they are! Take ‘me or leave ‘me!

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