The Gift of Winter Bounty

Only in this season, would the gift of the day be the day…a whole day stretched out with no plan because weather took over. You could look at it as a disaster. You might have plans to fly somewhere warm and relaxing only to find you are going nowhere. Or you can look at it as a gift, a day your highest priority is warmth from the fire, music of your choice and the silent microcosm of a blizzard.

So I went back to work today. I set up my laptop in my loft office and returned to my job of writing and photographing and really seeing the world as I used to…from the bird’s-eye view of my nest.


The light is gloriously white with no skyline. The wind chimes dance against the house and ring-out like a town crier. The house occasionally creaks as a gust buffets the roof. Beyond the window, the world is a silent snow-globe of nature at work.

Each season brings a bounty. This is why I can no longer live anywhere without at least four of them. Spring will be the sensory-overload of color.

DSC_7324 DSC_7328

Summer’s bounty is warmth for free; rivers and streams to kayak, woods to explore, nature to be part of.



Fall’s bounty is the food. The end of our short growing season means enjoying every last fresh veggie  before the root-vegetable days of winter.





This is where I was exactly one year ago, different storm, but a similar place in the world.


Where will I be a year from now?

DSC_8873 Alice and I took an hour to clear some snow before night fell. Our paths filled in quickly behind us and the drifts smoothed the sharp edges cut by the snowblower.

Dahlie’s favorite “Dogloo” is sadly empty…
Barbecue Garden Gnome

DSC_8884 DSC_8887 DSC_8902

11 thoughts on “The Gift of Winter Bounty”

  1. The gnome game me such a chuckle – Only an artist or writer would see that amid all the snow.
    Beautiful images. Contrast with the warm dog in the snow channel is pretty as well as funny
    (Your nest is wonderful….here it’s just grey and wet although some green is around among the tan and brown dormant plants)

  2. My one experience with winter snow and ice nearly took away my sanity (little that there was to begin with.) While I admire your lifestyle, and love the photos, those icicles were pointing their sharp fingers right at my heart!

    1. Those icicles are pointing to the need to rake the snow off the roof! I love the season because it doesn’t last. After many years of living at the equator, I can honestly say the seasons keep me moving and living.

    1. Agreed, yesterday was all about moving snow with no where to put it. My poor bees are buried and are on my list to dig the hives out…along with the propane tank. Haven’t even attacked raking the roof, I was hoping the wind would help me out with that…

  3. I can’t begin to imagine so much snow. We had maybe an inch this week and it lasted just half a day. I was like a child dashing about trying to see everything. If we’re lucky we might get another flurry before spring sets in but it never lasts here.

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