A letter to an aspiring writer from an aspiring writer…

Dear AW,

Today my gravestone could read “Author”; though “writer” would be nicer I haven’t earned that, yet. I am a newbie at this. My résumé includes publicly writing daily for a little over two years, despite a bookcase lined with years of journals. Sometimes it’s a scramble when the evil twin Guilt, pushes the fun twin Create, into the back corners of my mind.

Anyone can be a published “author” today, I  published a memoir and it was worth every penny.  Being a writer is a daily endeavor. The wonder of the digital world means the sphere expands as you shout louder, or quietly read and comment on others’ work. My attention is now split between what I want to write, responding to those who so kindly took time out to comment on what I just wrote, and reading as many of other other’s work as time permits.

When I spend an average of eight hours a day, working at something that brings home the bacon, that’s a job. If I now spend an additional six hours a day reading and writing, that is a career.  As it turns out, my job is a good source for a material, but the reality is, putting those hours in on my “minor” in this semester of life scratches the itch of my creative dream. I come home and work (read, write, respond) for an hour then take a break for dinner and NH Chronicle. We have only one television station in New Hampshire and they do a damned good job of not being hokey.

Then it is back to polishing and reading. It is an honor to be asked  my opinion on someone’s work – to write is to open a window on your soul for the world to see. I believe every writer, of every genre, shares or exposes a corner of their mind and that is a noble act. The highest compliment anyone has paid me  is to say my writing improves with time and work.  I don’t take this comment as a negative, quite the opposite, this is a true compliment that I am working on my craft. I knew I had something to say, putting it into a form that is relevant is my goal.

From one would-be writer another who aspires, don’t junk those thoughts and words you carefully crafted. Polish them and cut them to the bones. Let them sparkle then read, and read some more. Literary magazines, other’s blogs, articles in the New York Times that catch your eye. Immerse yourself in words for a decent chunk of your day and realize, you are just scratching the surface…


25 thoughts on “A letter to an aspiring writer from an aspiring writer…

  1. Well said! It’s nice to see people who have such a passion for writing and it only makes me want to write more and get better in time 🙂

  2. This made me laugh “one television station in New Hampshire and they do a damned good job of not being hokey.” Your writing is very real. (you’re a step ahead of many since you realized this “writing improves with time and work.” That’s the secret.)
    Good advice in the post.

    • Thanks Phil! As to the TV station, I am amazed the anchors and reports work so very hard and never seem to take vacations! They cover the whole State and do tons of community work with schools and elder groups. It would appear they are a group who really love their work and are an inspiration.

  3. Since discovering your blog, my writing has been energized. It is exciting to me to find someone I know also telling stories. Thank you for taking the time to review my story. I realize it was taking away from your own writing time, but your feedback was really appreciated. I don’t know if my material will be any good, but I’m willing to see where the experience takes me. Thanks for your daily inspiration! Your musings are interesting and thought provoking.

  4. Excellent piece, Martha. I am itching to dive back in to wordy waters. Photography as a basis for blog posts are easier, more fun and provide more ‘instant’ gratification but writing was my primary motivation for starting my blog.

    I shall return!!

  5. “Writer” -noun 1.A person who has written a particular text: ‘the writer of the letter’ 2. A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or regular occupation: ‘the distinguished travel writer Freya Stark’ 3. A person who writes in a specified way: ‘Dickens was a prolific writer’ You have always been a “writer”

  6. Very inspiring words! I only discovered public writing recently and it has enriched my life and makes me want to write continuously. Reading your posts and others only encourages me more, so thankyou!

  7. Since being invited to write by fellow blogger and friend Aline over at The Next Phase I have discovered a part of myself that I literally did not know was there. Apart from what was required of me as part of my work product I did not write – and now I am committed to improving with every post. I love yours!

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