Last snowfall…

The banks had shrunken in upon themselves. They were losing the battle of time. Bare patches appeared along the snow blown walks, ragged, brown scars from the blades that churned the snow. Large swaths of the wooden deck appeared; the dirty ice lacing on the edges of the drive were fragile.

Then, a soft snow fell. It rounded out the sharp contours once again, filled in the gaps and smoothed out the edges. It was clean and virgin white. “Farmer’s fertilizer” we might call it but that name is reserved for the very last snowfall. And this probably isn’t it…

It is officially Spring. There is light. The days are stretching like a cat after a nap and I find myself content. There is good music and dinner cooking.

Instead of fighting the frost heaves life hands me each day, I think I will look at it as a slalom course. Because of the frost heaves I know this snow can not last. The earth has already begun to open and warm. Those massive cracks and gullies that have formed on my commute, regardless of what circuitous route I choose, have turned scenic country roads into a full on off-road experience. There are literally spots where you must slow to a crawl to avoid breaking an axle. I view it as a challenge.



18 thoughts on “Last snowfall…”

  1. Wow, looks great. We don’t get snow where I live In Australia, we have 4 distinct seasons, with scorching dry summers, cold but not frozen winters, and beautiful springs and autumns. I have only been in the snow half a dozen times in my life and most of those times have been in North America, so it is great to read your descriptions and see your pictures. Thankyou

      1. We are the same in the opposite, we like the hot summers but always have the threat of bushfires. Enjoy the snow and keep the updates coming!

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