March on

The temps hovered just above freezing, the gray skies dumped icy rain. Alice danced and whined as I grabbed my list and headed out the door. We had three stops; drop a check at George and Mary’s farm for farrier services (and maybe get to see a new lamb), pick up pollen patties for the bees from Jodi and Dean, and the dreaded grocery store.

Alice doesn’t dread anything. “Have no expectations! You won’t be disappointed and you just might be pleasantly surprised!” There was no one around the farm when I stopped to leave the check for George. I didn’t want to intrude though I don’t think that word exists at Earth Haven Farm. I stepped into the warm kitchen and left my payment next to a vase of Easter Lilies on the table. The spring shearing was bagged in burlap on the porch. Soft tufts of wool blew around the walkway.


I went to the grocery store next because it didn’t mean a left turn across “traffic” and I knew it would entertain Alice with all the people coming and going. She doesn’t bark, merely looks with disdain on the world of humans as they load mountains of food into their cars from the rolling baskets.


The scene at Jodi and Dean’s was more interesting. They were holding a beginner bee class. As the students were drifting out, I grabbed my sticky, wax paper wrapped prize and popped a check into the basket on the front porch. I smiled at a newbie and remembered my first class and life before bees. It all seemed so daunting and complicated when I started, now I’ve adopted Alice’s philosophy, “Have no expectations and you won’t be disappointed, you may just be pleasantly surprised!”

As totally miserable as the weather was, I had a thought back to the humid, sticky days of summer. My favorite saying is the doors swell so badly you have to throw your body against them like a DEA agent at a drug bust. Carpets feel soggy and hardwood floors are sticky.  Haven’t had any of that for a while. More snow predicted tonight on top of the rain all day. It’s what we have right now…

22 thoughts on “March on

  1. Love, Love Love the picture of your co-pilot! You are one lucky lady…. seeing the bags of sheered wool, could you pile bags around/wrap the bee hives in it in the winter to keep it/them warm? Cost prohibitive? Whole new enterprise? (ok, no more coffee this morning for me…)

    • This wool is far too expensive Doppleganger! Also there would be a problem of moisture/condensation. Have more coffee and keep the ideas coming! Thanks for checking in and Happy Spring!

  2. Two wonderful quotes from this — Alice’s mantra re: expectations (may have to post that on my Facebook page!) and the ditty about doors swollen from the humidity and DEA agents. Priceless!

  3. Love the picture of Alice. Too cute. I’ve never had a dog and am embarrassed to admit I’m afraid of them (well, the ones that jump on me and bark too loudly). But Alice looks like the best buddy ever.

  4. This is wonderful. I feel like I’m riding in the back seat. Alice and I have the same philosophy. Both of us know it doesn’t prevent wrinkles but we are content. Sigh…

  5. I adore the picture of Alice up front. Truly squishable. And I miss the days of watching the Welshman I hired to come and sheer the sheep. Boy he was magnetic to watch. What a talent. And boundless strength.
    Happy Spring

      • It’s funny you mention their demeanor following the shearing, Martha, as mine always looked totally pissed off with me. It might be that they were upset over the fact that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I’d come to feed them. Naked sheep are hilariously funny.

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