Spring Cleaning

It is time for a thorough filing of a small chapter of my life. My book is finished. I have moved on and my office needs a make-over from “starving, solitary author” to whatever I am now.

Two more businesses are requesting marketing help and the store continues to challenge and excite me. Less and less time is spent in the loft; something I’m hoping will change, offering me a balance of creative alone time and crazy retail time.

Alice stretches placidly in the sun next to me as I sit and polish chachkies from my childhood, objects that are older than she and will be around after she has left. She didn’t take offense when I rearranged the jade plants;  it gives her more room and better visibility across her kingdom outside the window.


My new season rituals include extensive cleaning and furniture rearranging. It is unnerving to anyone living with me as you never know where the couch is going to end up and the dishes may magically appear in a foreign cabinet. Usually, I pace myself by only attacking one room a month, but it slowly provides uncluttered spaces,  after life inside all winter. It’s time to watch the deck furniture emerge and think of sitting in the shade at the end of a hot day, enjoying the sounds of outside.


I’ve yet to clean out the infamous closet full of wondrous suits of armor from the corporate wars. Oh, the shoes! The delicate things that wouldn’t last an hour in my current life. That closet will be a chapter in itself. For now it is the office that needs a total debugging. The cobwebs are astonishing, the stink bugs have arrived and are dying, and you could write your name quite legibly in the dust on my computer screen.

The sun pours in, illuminating the clutter and dust. I gaze at the boxes and wonder when was the last time I looked inside them. Time to file or throw some things away…

11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. And when foisted on you by leaky showers, unlovely people who try to break down a fence, window and shed…one day I’ll be organised…Thank goodness for lovely neighbours.

  2. My spring cleaning used to come in a giant fit. I would wake up one morning and something would aggravate me and that would be it. The entire house had to be cleaned top to bottom, sometimes it would take me days.Now the cleaning comes in fits and spurts. Being a fibromite has certainly changed how I attack things. Now I challenge myself, maybe this week it is my desk, next week maybe the bench downstairs.At least there is always at least one clean thing in my house.

    • Yes Susan, some day it will be hot. For the moment I bundle up in a down jacket, open all the doors and windows and let the fresh air in…oh, and occasionally a bird or two who take a wrong turn!

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