How do you spell RELIEF?

When I was a kid and Walter Cronkite delivered the news, the advertising was different. Madge declared that actually, soaking in that dish detergent was good for your hands. Tobacco companies told us Tareyton Smokers would rather fight than switch and you could collect a whole set of towels for free inside your laundry detergent boxes.

Tonight I flipped on the national news and began counting the ads for drugs that, while they might help with issues such as impotence, constipation and bladder control, the side-effects could be deadly. Am I the only one thinking relief in the form of dish soap sounds downright delectable?

I know I am part of an aging generation but what ever happened to being shocked when an ad featuring a lovely walk on the beach at sunset ended as a sanitary napkin or douche commercial?  Does anyone even use those products today?

I know, I’m asking a lot of questions here but I am baffled at the shift from simple everyday products to chemical substances claiming relieve everyday problems I didn’t know existed. Not to mention I can’t just go buy these products, I am instructed to “Ask my doctor if adding XYZ to my regimen would be beneficial.” Wait a minute here, I don’t have a regimen!

Are we all just falling apart or has our collective consciousness become numb to all the good things we can do for ourselves and the planet? I would like to see ads for Yoga Studios not yoga leading to a quick pill which cautions about erections lasting four hours or more. I think two hours of an erection is a bit excessive if you didn’t take a pill.

I had to google why Bruce Jenner was being interviewed by the woman I considered the “Walter Cronkite” of TV news today. We have sunk so low the Kardashians get another day of glory and we all marvel and live through the gender change of a former Olympian. I am insulted by the gripping voice of the commentator who announces THE BRUCE JENNER INTERVIEW!  THE BABY BORN WITHOUT A NOSE – TONIGHT ON INSIDE EDITION!! I don’t write social commentary or comment on the news in my posts. I had to change the rules tonight as I gazed out on my little world and sighed with relief. I am only allowing this craziness into my life on my terms.


8 thoughts on “How do you spell RELIEF?

  1. Here, Here! I bet if some advertising company did an “old style” ad, folks would remember it more than today’s type ads. Sometimes, I don’t even know WHAT they are advertising for…. the “body” of the commercial seems SO irrelevant to the product…. and to think they got paid BIG bucks to come up with those ads….

  2. I would be eternally grateful if the endless commercials for “personal issues” just went away. Last thing I want to do is watch 5 old codgers pickin’ and grinnin’ and singing about erectile disfunction.

  3. Dopppleganger and Chris nailed it!!!!! And why does Geico think that a commercial featuring Kenny Rogers singing would have any affect on my insurance buying decisions? There is no truth in advertising, there probably never was, but now the ads are worse than ever.

  4. One of the good things about the BBC is the lack of adverts, mind you, we pay a high price via the television licence for the privilege. TV is not something I’m overly enamoured with at the best of times and most of my viewing is very selective and done via Sky+ so I can fast forward through the ads if there are any. As for the news,don’t even get me started. Right now all we have is a ton of speculation and sycophantic drivel about the new royal baby.

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