We will always have horses…

Dear Hanni,

We will always have horses.

I count the ages and stages of my life by the names of those steeds who helped me grow; from the black and white pony who arrived in the back of my Aunt Ginny’s pick-up truck to the crazy mare on the racetrack in Trinidad who had killed the groom who cared for her before I took over. There was the crazy herd  we owned on our farm during your childhood. Each a unique personality and each with a lesson for us to absorb. There are some we let go because of circumstance and nothing could change that parting. All we let go with appreciation of what they taught us.

Recently I had a strange day in the equine department. I watched the video of my crazy little brown mare take yet another ‘newbie’ around the x-country course for the first time and knew there is nothing more exciting and fun in her mind than teaching and learning.

I also read your ad for Caberet on Craigslist and cried a little knowing how hard it is for you to rehome her. Remembering how she was when you rescued her. I thought, ” Now her strength and self-confidence that attracted you to her, must sustain you as you say good-bye.”

You saw the diamond in the rough and polished her to a gleaming beauty.  She is a horse who knows how to live and survive, and keep weeding out those don’t respect her strength of character as she quietly rewards those who do. I don’t know anyone else in the world who would herd cattle bareback with a loose snaffle bit, occasionally tossing calves up on Cab’s back, vaulting back on, and returning to the barn. You and Cab should be very proud of yourselves!


You are both far wiser for your time together, remember her as a wonderful friend.

We have known some of the best together. There will be more in your future.

Love you,


To my non-equine friends, this is the poetry of a “flight” animal teaching you total trust and giving you wings.

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