I Love a Parade…

This past Saturday was the 22nd annual Children and the Arts Festival in Peterborough. Deb and I held down the store which was not terribly busy; wise parents took a peek in the door and said “Oh how lovely! I’ll be back alone!!” As they were dragged off by grubby little hands toward the ice cream parlor I thought, “Oh please do!!” Some had more faith in their protegé than wisdom. They ventured in only to have Dad take the kids back out before the sugar-rush they were on threatened to dismantle everyone’s nerves.

The main road into town closed to allow for the events and the feature of the day was the parade. Along with the usual drummers and bands from various schools, giant “puppets” drew the crowds to the edges of the street. Deb and I sat high above it all on the store patio and took in the celebration of children, art, and Spring!!

DSC_0004 DSC_0020 DSC_9996 DSC_9999

12 thoughts on “I Love a Parade…”

  1. Some wonderful photos there, Martha. Fond memories of my first St. Patrick’s Day parade a few years ago. Such excitement and ENERGY!!

    I, too, love a parade!

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