Finding Nemo

There is peace in busyness, there is joy in shared discovery, there is love in the face of a dog. Amid all the changes and rearranges in life at the moment, there  are moments of reflection. The glint of a smile from a stranger and the joy of coming home to a bustling environment of love and contentment is totally fulfilling.

NEMO, Never Ending Monumental Occasions means letting go what your negative self would like to bitch about. I could go off on a tangent about people who pissed me off today; of the petty little slights that almost mounted up into a range of shit. I could be irritated about plans having to change or compromises that felt unnecessary.  I would rather look at goofy canines who don’t have expectations beyond hearing the “Doggie Doggie Dinner song and living through the never-ending, seemingly hours, before food actually appears in the bowls. “And by the way, are you done and can I have some of yours???” appears in the thought bubble over the head of the first to finish.

Sharing is not an option in this household of four; doggie dinner time is strictly monitored for behavioral infractions and empty bowls are swiftly removed. There will be no squabbling that maybe he got more food than she did.

They play a rough game of “bite you – bite me” and a few rounds of “chase me – I chase you” before settling in to comfortable spots. Each has her (or HIS in Chuck’s case)   cushion and all thought of the past or future are erased. They are completely and utterly in the NOW which translates to sleep. NEMO – Noting Endless Moments of Oblivion.

DSC_0653 DSC_0656

I try to turn off my thoughts that easily; to let go of the “should’ve, could’ve would’ve” drops rippling the pond of my mind.

Nagging Emotions Manifest Over-thinking…NEMO



14 thoughts on “Finding Nemo

  1. I wish I were more canine like. The ability to flow moment to moment, forgiving and forgetting all seemingly in the same instant. Lately, for me, it is Nothing Easy – Mostly Oppressive NEMO

  2. Dogs constantly remind you that life should be far simpler, and to cut out the crap and find enjoyment in what is in front of you. Thankyou Martha for your updates, you have just given inspiration for a blog on our 8 month old lab!

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